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WHO to convene an International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on Zika virus and observed increase in neurological disorders and neonatal malformations

WHO Press Releases - 27. January 2016 - 18:01
WHO Director-General, Margaret Chan, will convene an International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on Zika virus and observed increase in neurological disorders and neonatal malformations.

The Committee will meet on Monday 1 February in Geneva to ascertain whether the outbreak constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
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Statement on the 8th meeting of the IHR Emergency Committee regarding the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

WHO Press Releases - 27. January 2016 - 18:01
The 8th meeting of the Emergency Committee convened by the WHO Director-General under the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) regarding the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa took place by teleconference on Tuesday, 15 December 2015, and by electronic correspondence from 15-21 December 2015.

The Committee’s role was to provide the Director-General with views and perspectives as to whether the event continues to constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), whether the current Temporary Recommendations should be extended, rescinded or revised, and whether additional recommendations should be considered.
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Speeches on Ebola

WHO Press Releases - 24. January 2016 - 18:53

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WHO news on Ebola

WHO Press Releases - 24. January 2016 - 18:53

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WHO statements on Ebola

WHO Press Releases - 15. January 2016 - 10:53

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New Ebola case in Sierra Leone. WHO continues to stress risk of more flare-ups

WHO Press Releases - 14. January 2016 - 18:00
A new case of Ebola has been confirmed in Sierra Leone, reflecting the ongoing risk of new flare-ups of the virus in the Ebola-affected countries.

The Sierra Leone government acted rapidly to respond to this new case. Through the country’s new emergency operations centre, a joint team of local authorities, WHO and partners are investigating the origin of the case, identifying contacts and initiating control measures to prevent further transmission.
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WIPO Re:Search Welcomes Institut Pasteur as Consortium Surpasses 100 Members

WIPO Press Release - 14. January 2016 - 9:10
WIPO Re:Search has now surpassed 100 members and is just shy of 100 agreements to share intellectual property in the fight against neglected tropical diseases, tuberculosis and malaria - both significant milestones for the consortium as it heads into its fifth full year of operation.
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Latest Ebola outbreak over in Liberia; West Africa is at zero, but new flare-ups are likely to occur

WHO Press Releases - 14. January 2016 - 4:00
Today, WHO declares the end of the most recent outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia and says all known chains of transmission have been stopped in West Africa. But the Organization says the job is not over, more flare-ups are expected and that strong surveillance and response systems will be critical in the months to come.

Liberia was first declared free of Ebola transmission in May 2015, but the virus was re-introduced twice since then, with the latest flare-up in November. Today’s announcement comes 42 days (two 21-day incubation cycles of the virus) after the last confirmed patient in Liberia tested negative for the disease 2 times.
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End of Ebola transmission in Guinea

WHO Press Releases - 29. December 2015 - 4:00
Today WHO declares the end of Ebola virus transmission in the Republic of Guinea. Forty-two days have passed since the last person confirmed to have Ebola virus disease tested negative for the second time. Guinea now enters a 90-day period of heightened surveillance to ensure that any new cases are identified quickly before they can spread to other people.

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Global Patent Filings Rise in 2014 for Fifth Straight Year; China Driving Growth

WIPO Press Release - 14. December 2015 - 2:00
Innovators filed some 2.7 million patent applications to mark another worldwide annual rise in 2014, as application activity in China outstripped the combined total in its next-closest followers, the United States and Japan.
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New global framework to eliminate rabies

WHO Press Releases - 10. December 2015 - 3:00
A new framework to eliminate human rabies and save tens of thousands of lives each year has been launched today by WHO, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Global Alliance for the Control of Rabies (GARC).

The framework calls for 3 key actions - making human vaccines and antibodies affordable, ensuring people who get bitten receive prompt treatment, and mass dog vaccinations to tackle the disease at its source.
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New report signals country progress in the path to malaria elimination

WHO Press Releases - 9. December 2015 - 0:01
New estimates from WHO show a significant increase in the number of countries moving towards malaria elimination, with prevention efforts saving millions of dollars in healthcare costs over the past 14 years in many African countries.

According to the "World Malaria Report 2015", released today, more than half (57) of the 106 countries with malaria in 2000 had achieved reductions in new malaria cases of at least 75% by 2015. In that same time frame, 18 countries reduced their malaria cases by 50-75%.
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From MDGs to SDGs, WHO launches new report

WHO Press Releases - 8. December 2015 - 1:00
WHO today launched a new comprehensive analysis of global health trends since 2000 and an assessment of the challenges for the next 15 years.

"Health in 2015: from MDGs to SDGs" identifies the key drivers of progress in health under the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It lays out actions that countries and the international community should prioritize to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which come into effect on 1 January 2016.
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WHO checklist targets major causes of maternal and newborn deaths in health facilities

WHO Press Releases - 4. December 2015 - 1:00
Worldwide, the majority of maternal and newborn deaths occur around the time of birth, typically within the first 24 hours after childbirth. Most of these deaths are preventable.

WHO's new "Safe Childbirth Checklist and Implementation Guide" targets the major causes of maternal and newborn complications and deaths, including post-partum haemorrhage, infection, obstructed labour, preeclampsia and birth asphyxia.
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WHO’s first ever global estimates of foodborne diseases find children under 5 account for almost one third of deaths

WHO Press Releases - 3. December 2015 - 3:00
Almost one third (30%) of all deaths from foodborne diseases are in children under the age of 5 years, despite the fact that they make up only 9% of the global population. This is among the findings of WHO's "Estimates of the global burden of foodborne diseases" – the most comprehensive report to date on the impact of contaminated food on health and well-being.

The report, which estimates the burden of foodborne diseases caused by 31 agents – bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins and chemicals – states that each year as many as 600 million, or almost 1 in 10 people in the world, fall ill after consuming contaminated food. Of these, 420 000 people die, including 125 000 children under the age of 5 years.
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Accelerate expansion of antiretroviral therapy to all people living with HIV: WHO

WHO Press Releases - 30. November 2015 - 4:30
On World AIDS Day WHO emphasizes that expanding antiretroviral therapy to all people living with HIV is key to ending the AIDS epidemic within a generation.

“The Millennium Development Goal of reversing the HIV epidemic was reached ahead of the 2015 deadline - an incredible achievement that testifies to the power of national action and international solidarity," declared WHO Director-General, Margaret Chan.
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Statement on the Seventh IHR Emergency Committee meeting regarding the international spread of poliovirus

WHO Press Releases - 26. November 2015 - 2:56
The seventh meeting of the Emergency Committee under the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) regarding the international spread of poliovirus was convened via teleconference by the Director-General on 10 November 2015. The Director General of WHO had noted the concerns expressed by the Emergency Committee in its August 2015 report with respect to circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses (cVDPV). In response, she convened this meeting of the Emergency Committee with broader terms than was previously the case to also look at outbreaks of cVDPV. During the current polio endgame cVDPVs reflect serious gaps in immunity to poliovirus due to weaknesses in routine immunization coverage in otherwise polio-free countries. Moreover, there is a particular urgency to stopping type 2 cVDPV in advance of the globally synchronized withdrawal of type 2 OPV in April 2016.

The following IHR States Parties submitted an update on the implementation of the Temporary Recommendations since the Committee last met on 4 August 2015: Afghanistan and Pakistan. The following IHR State Parties were invited to present their views to the committee and all except South Sudan submitted reports on measures and plans to stop circulating vaccine derived poliovirus: Nigeria, Guinea, Madagascar, Ukraine and Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
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WHO launches toolkit to help countries respond to sexual violence

WHO Press Releases - 25. November 2015 - 8:40
On 25 November, WHO joins partners in calling for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls to ensure their health, well-being and human rights.

“WHO strongly condemns violence against women and girls and supports partners and countries’ efforts towards the de-normalization of this type of violence. Ensuring equality between women and men is a crucial part of these efforts,” said Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO.
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WHO calls on countries to protect health from climate change

WHO Press Releases - 17. November 2015 - 8:40
Climate change is the defining issue for the 21st century.

According to WHO estimates, climate change is already causing tens of thousands of deaths every year - from shifting patterns of disease, from extreme weather events, such as heat-waves and floods, and from the degradation of air quality, food and water supplies, and sanitation.
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WHO multi-country survey reveals widespread public misunderstanding about antibiotic resistance

WHO Press Releases - 15. November 2015 - 18:08
As WHO ramps up its fight against antibiotic resistance, a new multi-country survey shows people are confused about this major threat to public health and do not understand how to prevent it from growing.

Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria change and become resistant to the antibiotics used to treat the infections they cause. Over-use and misuse of antibiotics increase the development of resistant bacteria, and this survey points out some of the practices, gaps in understanding and misconceptions which contribute to this phenomenon.
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