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Federal Support for research (Enbrel) etanercept, evidence from CRISP and Clinicaltrials.Gov

KEI was asked to look at federal support for research and development on (Enbrel) etanercept.

A November 1, 2009 search of the NIH CRISP database reports 167 federal grants for research on etanercept.

Request for Solidarity from Korea: Gleevec price reduction

Korean civil society has asked KEI to disseminate this request for solidarity and action in their efforts to reduce the price of Gleevec, a leukemia treatment pill. The current price is approximately 2,300 USD per month for an adult patient and the Korean government has been sued by Novartis for trying to reduce the price a 14%. Korean civil society is also requesting Novartis to introduce a higher form, 400 mg, in Korea.

REQUEST for Solidarity:

The Right to Development Criteria, applied to TDR and the Global Fund

For several years, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) has been working on mechanisms to implement a 1986 UN Resolution on the "Right to Development." To this end, the HRC has created a Working Group on the Right to Development, and a High Level Task Force On The Implementation Of The Right To Development.

Roll Call on Biogenerics

James K. Glassman and I published an article on biogenerics today in Roll Call.

KEI March 2, 2007 letter to WHO on the Model Essential Medicines List

KEI's March 2, 2007 letter to the Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines is here .

Update: WHO released the new 15th Essential Medicines List on April 13th, 2007.  The list adds two new patented drugs for HIV/AIDS.  Without comment, however, the WHO did not adopt KEI's proposal to add a supplemental list of medications that would be included "if available at generic prices."

WHO Expert Working Group on R&D Financing (EWG)

WHO website on the EWG

NEWS: The EWG secretariat has released a draft evaluation framework, evaluation criteria and the inventory of financing proposals. The EWG is accepting public comments through the Second Web-based Public Hearing. Deadline: September 5 2009. KEI has offered critical comments on the criteria.

WIPO DG Francis Gurry highlights disability as a theme for Conference on Intellectual Property and Global Challenges

As mentioned in James Love’s blog today entitled Notes from Day One of WIPO SCP 13, the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP) is examining four key issues at its Thirteenth Session this week including Standards and Patents, Exclusions from Patentable Subject Matter and Exceptions and Limitations to the Rights, The Client-Attorney Privilege and Dissemination of Patent Information.

India: Intervention at WTO TRIPS Council on public health dimension of the TRIPS Agreement

On 3 March 2009, India delivered the following intervention at the WTO Council for TRIPS meeting on the issue of the public health dimension of the TRIPS Agreement in the context of the Dutch seizures.



Agenda item ‘M’ – OTHER BUSINESS – Public Health dimension of TRIPS Agreement

KEI Statement on March 9 letter from Pascal Lamy, regarding Dutch confiscation of medicines in transit to developing countries

Today Pascal Lamy responded to a February 18, 2009 NGO letter that among other things requested he use his office to mediate the dispute regarding the European Union policy of seizing generic medicines that are in transit to developing countries. The original letter and Mr Lamy’s response are available here:

WIPO patent committee resumes work on a positive agenda (March 2009)

The 13th session of the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP) will take place from March 23, 2009 to March 27, 2009 in Geneva at WIPO headquarters. The WIPO Report on the International Patent System is the first substantive agenda item of the 13th session.

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