Corporate sponsors of the George Institute

As the 126th session of the Executive Board (EB) of the World Health Organization unfolds today, it appears that the EB will consider agenda item 4.3 on Public health, innovation and intellectual property: Global strategy and plan of action. Under scrutiny will be the work of the Expert Working Group on research and development financing which is mandated by resolution WHA61.21

Roger Bate: Eclectic booster of corporate views

The Wellcome Trust convened an "Opinion Formers Conference" on "Counterfeit Medicines: Perspectives and Action" on Monday 26 October 2009.

NYT: PhRMA to support Baucus version of health bill

According to a report by Duff Wilson in the Sunday New York Times, Much of PhRMA's $150 million in advertising will be spent pushing Senator Baucus's version of the health "reform" legislation.

New York Times reports drug companies pressured DLA Piper to fire Dick Armey

According to this August 15 report in the New York Times by David Kirkpatrick, drug companies pressed DLA Piper to fire Dick Armey, because Freedom Works, a group chaired by Dick Armey, was opposing the health reform legislation that PhRMA now backs.

More on the White House/PhRMA deal

In an August 14, 2009 article in the LA Times, Tom Hamburger provides yet another installment in the ongoing disclosures about a secret White House deal with PhRMA on pharmaceutical pricing.

Howard Dean: “I’m actually not a shill for the bio industry”

The Center for American Progress hosted a video conference of Dr. Howard Dean talking about Health Care reform on Tueday. The video is on the web here. On this one hour program, Howard Dean spends a little over 3 minutes responding to allegations that he is a “shill” for BIO, on the issue of biosimilars.

Pfizer shifts more money to Democrats

According to data from OpenSecrets.Org, from 1992 to 2006, Pfizer gave 74 percent of its campaign contributions to Republicans. Since then, particularly after Hank McKinnell left as CEO, Pfizer is giving slightly more to democrats than to republicans. In the current cycle, 54 percent of contributions go to democrats.

Howard Dean as a shill for BIO, on Biosimilars bill

The July 20, 2009 issue of BioCentury has an extensive report on the “Biosimilar fire Drill.” It discusses in detail the lobbying by the Biotechnology Industry Association (BIO, bio.org) to defeat efforts by President Obama, OMB, the FTC, Representative Waxman, Senator Brown, AARP, Public Citizen, PIRG, Consumers Union, KEI, Essential Action, and others, to reform the regulation to biologic medicines, so there is more generic competition.

Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay submit proposal on a WIPO Treaty for Reading Disabled Persons

On Monday, 25 May 2009, the governments of Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay submitted a proposal to the to the 18th Session of the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) entitled, “Proposal by Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay, relating to Limitations and Exceptions: Treaty proposed by the World Blind Union (WBU)”.

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