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Blog entry30 April 2015, KEI Seminar on Drug Pricing: Paul Grootendorst on Canadian Drug Pricing Claire Cassedy03 days 5 hours ago
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Blog entryKassy Perry, speaking on behalf of ?, opposing AB 463, on transparency of drug R&D costs and subsidies KEI Staff04 days 1 hour ago
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Blog entryKEI Seminars on Drug Pricing: 30 April 2015, Prof. Paul Grootendorst on the Canadian approach to drug pricing Claire Cassedy01 week 4 days ago
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Blog entryKEI statement to WHO 20th Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines thiru01 week 6 days ago
Blog entryState of California considers AB463, a bill to require disclosure of drug development costs, and more economic data James Love02 weeks 1 day ago
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