Jan 16-17, 2009. KEI, HAI, MSF, Oxfam, UAEM & IQsensato Roundtable on prizes for Type II & III diseases, Geneva

Roundtable on De-linking R&D Incentives from Prices: Designing Innovation Inducement Prizes for Diagnostics, New Drugs and Vaccines for Type II and III diseases and conditions, with a particular focus on TB and Chagas Disease

The meeting is going to be small with around 40 high level policy makers and technical participants, including industry, donors, civil society and government officials.

Some of the issues that we plan to discuss are Prizes for specific outcomes versus prizes to reward all products that improve outcomes, Prizes for final products, Prizes for interim results, Hard to flexible end points, Near misses, Changes in rules, Follow-on innovation, Valuation determined by completive supply of improved outcomes, Incentives for open sharing knowledge and technologies, licensing of patents, know-how and other intellectual property, Size of the prize, Models for multilateral commitments for sustainable financing.

The current Program and Agenda is here.

Date: January 16-17, 2009 (Weekend before the WHO Executive Board)

Co-Sponsors: KEI (Knowledge Ecology International), HAI (Health Action International), MSF (Doctors Without Borders), Oxfam, UAEM (Universities Allies for Essential Medicines), and IQsensato.

Location: Geneva, Switzerland - MSF Office at Rue de Lausanne n. 78


Walking: The rue de Lausanne starts at the Cornavin station (if you are facing the station, rue de Lausanne is on your right). The walk to MSF should take around about 10 minutes.

By tram: Take any tramway N°15 or n°13 (direction Nations). The MSF office is a few steps from the tram stop at “Butini”.

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