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SCCR 31 Statement of SAA Representative re Reproduction and Safeguarding Copies

Statement of SAA Representative to WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights 31 December 2015 by
William J. Maher (w-maher at


TOPIC TWO: Reproduction and Safeguarding Copies

SCCR 31 IFLA Statement on Right of Reproduction and Safeguarding Copies fro Libraries and Archives

IFLA represented by Winston Tabb


SCCR 31 KEI Statement on Right of Reproduction and Safeguarding copies

Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) is and has been supportive of the Committee's work on access and preservation of knowledge which is important for everyone and every country.

Preservation and safeguarding copies of works is to some degree a global public good. We all want and need works to be preserved, and copyright and reproduction rights coupled with limitations and exceptions are essential.

SCCR 31 International Federation of Journalists concerns regarding broadcasting treaty consequences


The IFJ, represented by Mike Holderness expressed some concerns regarding the new layer of rights for broadcasters and cablecasters:

> International federation of journalists: Thank you. Since this is the first time I have spoken, congratulations to the chair and the Secretariat for the excellent running of this event.

SCCR 31 Day 3 on rights for broadcasting and cablecasting

to get the live transcript:
code: sccr31

The SCCR was supposed to start today with the Rights to be granted to broadcasters.

Broadcasting organizations shall have the right to authorize or prohibit the retransmission of
their broadcast to the public by any means.
Broadcasting organizations shall have the right to prohibit the unauthorized retransmission of

SCCR 31 KEI on inclusion of cablecasters and the making available rights

jamieday3 - Edited.png

KEI has the floor.
>> KEI: Thank you Mr. Chairman. KEI would be as concerned as anyone of piracy, of content that's provided over cable systems. I think, however, it will be interesting for the association of broadcasters, the APP, if they could explain if in any of the countries where they have problems with people stealing cable signals if it's actually not already against the law to do that.

SCCR 31 Interesting exchanges (USA, Chile and Brazil) on paragraph 4


(4) The provisions of this Treaty shall apply mutatis mutandis to the protection of
cablecasting organizations in respect of their cablecasts.

SCCR 31 North American Broadcasters intervention

The North American broadcasters represented by Erica Edler
>> Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Nava represents broadcasters in North America, Canada, the United States and Mexico. I would like to thank the Chairman for his consolidated text which has served to focus discussions on some of the key issues on a new treaty for broadcasters.

SCCR 31 Intervention by Teresa Hackett for eIFL re broadcasting treaty

>> Good afternoon. I'm speaking on behalf of electronic information for libraries, the works with libraries in developing and transitioning countries. I'd like to make a comment on the object of protection that has been under discussion here this afternoon. And the importance that any new instrument that might be created limits the object of protection to the signal and not to any underlying content.

SCCR 31 KEI Intervention on the again-expanding scope of the broadcasting treaty

Martin Moscoso, the Chair, invited NGOs' comments.

>> KEI: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. In listening to the conversation today and yesterday on this notion of signal versus the content, or container versus the content, it sounds appealing and people have been talking about this now for some years, the idea that you can separate the idea that there is a signal and there is content and things like that.

SCCR 31 Does "object of protection" include "on demand"?

4pm Day 2 Paragraph 3 of Object of protection
Discussion on:

(3) Broadcasting organizations shall also enjoy protection for simultaneous or near simultaneous retransmission by any means as if such transmission were a broadcast.

SCCR 31 Object of Protection: how to protect the signal only?

Object of Protection: how to protect the signal only?


SCCR31 Object of Protection Discussions

Day 2 SCCR31 Object of Protection discussion started a 12:45pm. At 1pm we left for lunch and a meeting on education.


(1) The protection granted under this Treaty extends only to broadcasts transmitted by, or
on behalf of, a broadcasting organization, but not to works or other protected subject
matter carried on them.

(2) The provisions of this Treaty shall not provide any protection in respect of mere
retransmissions by any means.

(3) Broadcasting organizations shall also enjoy protection for simultaneous or near

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