Giulia Pamfili

Giulia Pamfili is a researcher at KEI. Giulia holds an MSc in Industrial Pharmacy (PharmD/CTF) from the University of Trieste and is a qualified Pharmacist in Italy. She is currently attending a Master program in Global Health with the University… Continue Reading

Kavian Kulasabanathan

Kavian Kulasabanathan is a researcher at KEI. Prior to joining KEI, Kavian worked as an emergency room academic clinician in the NHS, UK. His research interests span socio-political determinants of health, particularly pertaining to race and class, alongside community-centered models… Continue Reading

Kathryn Ardizzone, Counsel

Kathryn Ardizzone is Counsel with Knowledge Ecology International. Her background is in public interest and civil rights law. Kathryn joined KEI in June 2019 after working for Essential Information, a nonprofit organization founded by Ralph Nader that supports a variety… Continue Reading

Priscille Ngana

Priscille Ngana is a Research Assistant at Knowledge Ecology International. Prior to joining KEI in February 2018, Priscille worked for several organizations, including ATOP Meaningful World (New York) where she held the position of United Nations fellow and research assistant.… Continue Reading

Luis Gil Abinader

Luis Gil Abinader is a senior researcher at KEI. Prior to joining KEI Luis worked as a Fellow with the Interdisciplinary Centre of Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation (CIECTI) in Argentina. He has also taught technology law to undergraduate… Continue Reading

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Databases Delinkage Enforcement and Remedies to Infringement Events General Access to Knowledge Issues Government Funded Inventions Hepatitis Nuclear Proliferation Patent Policy Prizes to stimulate innovation Publications and Research Notes Timelines WTO LDC patent waiver Transparency Judge rejects USTR claim that… Continue Reading

KEI Publications

KEI publishes research and commentary in a variety of journals, periodicals, books and other independent publishing platforms. In-house, KEI presents information in blogs, correspondence and reports, as well as in occasional KEI research notes and papers. Timelines (several) Timelines regarding… Continue Reading

How to Donate to KEI

KEI needs your support. Donations to KEI are tax deductible, under 501(c)(3) of the US IRS code. To donate to KEI, you can use PayPal or a credit card: Alternatively, you can send us a check at our Washington, DC… Continue Reading

KEI Board of Advisors

The KEI Board of Advisors are: Joseph Stiglitz The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2001 Joseph Stiglitz is an economist and a professor at Columbia University. He is a recipient of the John Bates… Continue Reading