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Databases Delinkage Enforcement and Remedies to Infringement Events General Access to Knowledge Issues Government Funded Inventions Hepatitis Nuclear Proliferation Patent Policy Prizes to stimulate innovation Publications and Research Notes Timelines WTO LDC patent waiver Transparency Judge rejects USTR claim that… Continue Reading

KEI Publications

KEI publishes research and commentary in a variety of journals, periodicals, books and other independent publishing platforms. In-house, KEI presents information in blogs, correspondence and reports, as well as in occasional KEI research notes and papers. Timelines (several) Timelines regarding… Continue Reading

Manon Ress, Director of Information Society Projects

Dr. Manon Ress is Director of Information Society Projects at Knowledge Ecology International, a non-government organization with offices in Washington, DC and Geneva. She is an active participant at the World Intellectual Property Organization’s meetings of the Standing Committee on… Continue Reading

KEI Staff

KEI currently maintains staff in Washington, DC and Geneva, Switzerland. Washington, DC office James Love Director Manon Ress, Director of Information Society Projects Andrew S. Goldman, Counsel, Policy and Legal Affairs Claire Cassedy, Research Associate and Assistant for Development Geneva… Continue Reading

James Love

Contacting James Love Work phone: +1.202.332.2670 | Mobile Phone +1.202.361.3040 | Email: (Give my office a call or give me another nudge if you have difficulty getting a response. I am overwhelmed at times by the amount of email… Continue Reading

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(Due to some bad decisions during the recent migration of our web page from Drupal 6 to WordPress, we have a lot of broken links on our web page. This page will be more useful as we reconstruct several of… Continue Reading