Recent stuff on the TPP from KEI, plus some other relevant materials for Maui round

KEI's release of TPP Intellectual Property Chapter - May 11, 2015 Draft

Link to full text of the IP Chapter:

2015:2 KEI TPP Briefing Note: The Evolution of the Article on Patents/Patentable Subject Matter in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Chapter.

August 4, 2015. Press Release for initial release of patent and enforcement provisions: Knowledge Ecology International Leaks TPP Text on Intellectual Property.

August 5, 2015 Press Release: KEI's second installment of TPP IP Chapter leak, includes copyright, all other provisions.

Recent KEI commentary

August 12, 2015. Washington Post editorial backs secrecy, drug companies in TPP. Huffington Post.

August 11, 2015. KEI TPP Briefing Note : The Evolution of the Article on Patents/Patentable Subject Matter in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Chapter.

July 28, 2015. The TPP’s Reckless Proposals For Damages Will Have Negative Impact On Future Reform Of IPR Regimes. Intellectual Property Watch.

July 27, 2015. USTR proposals in TPP are in conflict with U.S. Supreme Court decisions on State Sovereign Immunity.

July 24, 2015. Eleven of the 28 House democrats supporting Fast Track write USTR about Medicine IPR issues.

July 22, 2105. KEI letter to Register of Copyrights, USPTO and OSTP on copyright issues in TPP.

July 20, 2015. Mylan criticisms of the TPP provisions as regards generic medicines, warns USTR on "lazy drafting"

July 10, 2015. KEI letter to HHS, regarding 3 issues in the TPP,

July 10, 2015. KEI note on Language in FTA's on Patents Exceptions (3­Step Test and Compulsory Licensing).

June, 12, 2015. What Would a Good Trade Agreement Look Like? The Huffington Post.

June 12, 2015. James Love, TPP should protect patients, not patents, the Hill.

June 12, 2015. Harvey Bale, former Director General of IFPMA, says Fast Track "favors the powerful over the weak"

June 10, 2015. Duke letter to White House on the problems with the TPP IP Chapter,

June 10, 2015. What does the TPP do as regards prices of drugs and other medical technologies, KEI TPP Briefing note 2015:2.

June 9, 2015. Sign-on Letter to USTR, be honest about impact of TPP on prices, access to medicine,

June 8, 2015.TPP, designed to make medicine more expensive, reforms more difficult, Medium.

June 4, 2015. US Copyright office proposes limits on damages, injunctions, for Orphan Works, contradicting TPP language

May 28, 2015. Put the patents at risk, not the patients.

May 14, 2015. KEI TPP Briefing note 2015:1 Compulsory licenses on patents and the 3-step test.

Damages and Orphan Works

Selected KEI blogs and letters on provisions in ACTA, TPP and other trade agreements on copyright damages and access to orphan works.

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