Mexico President writes KEI, asks Minister of Economy to respond to ACTA questions

On August 10, 2010, KEI sent a letter to the President of Mexico expressing our concerns in the position of the Mexican government in the ACTA negotiations. KEI noted that the proposed ACTA text, if adopted, would require the adoption of new legal provisions that would compromise the public interest of Mexico. KEI asked the Mexican government to change some positions it had taken earlier in the negotiation, and to support the inclusion in the ACTA text of of new flexibilities and protections of the fundamental rights of its citizens.

Last week, the President of Mexico sent to us a letter, in which he explains that the ACTA negotiations are handle directly by the Minister of Economy. Therefore, it should be “Minister of Economy, who, …according to the article 8º of the Constitution of Mexico, shall provide an opportune and legal answer.” The President of Mexico also sent a letter to the Minister of Economy, asking the Minister to respond to the KEI letter.

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