Draft WHO Executive Board resolution on WHO reform

At 18:30 Geneva time on 25 May 2011, during the 129th session of the WHO Executive Board, the EB is considering the following draft decision on WHO reform.

Chair’s text, based on draft proposed by Ecuador

The 29th [sic] Executive Board,

(OP.1) DECIDES to establish an incremental, transparent, Member-State driven and inclusive consultative process comprising of the following elements:

Requests the Director-General to prepare three concept papers on the following issues: governance of WHO, independent evaluation of WHO and the World Health Forum as outline in resolution WHA64.2.

To hold consultations of Member States at WHO Headquarters, on these papers and to create a platform for web-based consultations:

Requests regional committees to engage in strategic discussions regarding the reform process and report on these discussions to the meeting outlined below;

To hold a special session of the Executive Board in 2011 following the Regional Committee meetings to discuss outcomes of the consultative process on the three papers, and draft proposals of the managerial reforms prepared by the secretariat, and to make specific recommendations on the next steps of the reform process.

(OP.2) URGES Member States to support and actively engage in the reform process.

(OP.3) REQUESTS the Director-General to support the aforementioned elements of the consultative process.

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