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CNIB on proposed WIPO treaty for reading disabled

According to a note sent to KEI, CNIB in Canada considers the WBU proposal for a WIPO Treaty for the reading disabled to be “the most critical component of achieving true equality through the development of a ‘Global Library’!. This is a letter that Jim Sanders, the President and Chief Executive Officer of CNIB, sent to the Canada delegation to WIPO.

DAISY Consortium on WIPO treaty for reading disabled persons

The DAISY consortium has published an article on the proposed WIPO treaty. In says, in part:

…and the kitchen sink? (WIPO)

Since nobody really wants to work on the casters treaty (no matter what they say) today we’re talking about what should be on the table, the work program for the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights at WIPO.

To push back the excellent proposal on limitations and exceptions made by Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Nicaragua yesterday the EU is proposing to add:

SCCR Day 2: Re Limitations and Exceptions (Finally)

After a rather disappointing day 1 of the standing committee on copyright and related rights at WIPO, Day 2 is turning out to be a good constructive day.

Require or Encourage? IGWG text on open access

Re: The WHO IGWG Text on Access to Publicly Funded Research Provision, from “Requirement” to “Encouragement”?

One of the outcomes of the Nov. 5-10, 2007 second session of the WHO Intergovernmental Working Group on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property (IGWG2) is a provision on access to government funded research.

The Casting treaty? No, It’s not really dead yet

Friday June 22 1 pm

The following is circulating right now:

Draft conclusions of the Second Special Session of the SCCR on the Protection of Broadcasting Organizations
Prepared by the Chair

The Committee made the following recommendation:
The Director General
-convenes a session for joint analysis of notions, terms and conceptual basis of the instrument

The General Assembly

-decides that a Third Special Session of the SCCR be convened in November/December 2007

Jukka and Keplinger want 2 meetings in 2007, Dipcom in 2008

The Draft conclusions by the Chair are out , and wow, what brass. Jukka is recommending that:

  • Idris as DG convenes a meeting in Sept 2007 for ” joint analysis of notions, terms and conceptual basis of the instrument.
  • The GA sets a SCCR for November/December 2007,
  • A dipcom be held in 2008.
  • It would even appear that webcasting is possibly back in.

    This is discussed at 2pm. It is all quite surreal.

What can we do about the Casters’ Treaty? Pray?

Maybe by now you’ve read the Joint NGO Statement?

Joint NGO Statement: Reject the WIPO Broadcast Treaty

We call upon WIPO delegates to reject the proposed WIPO Broadcast

It’s printed on yellow paper and looks like a REAL NGO flyer opposing a treaty that in fact everyone here (except the broadcasters) cannot stand. Delegates come to me to complain that no one likes it but no one seems to dare tell!

Reject the WIPO Broadcast Treaty - Joint NGO Statement

We call upon WIPO delegates to reject the proposed WIPO Broadcast Treaty.

After more than 9 years of discussions, efforts to find a treaty formulation that deals with piracy of broadcast signals, but which does not harm copyright owners and the legitimate users of broadcasts have failed.

Moving into Informal session

June 20, 2007
Morning session started late (10:50) and the Chair began with a 20 minutes lecture/monologue explaining the methodology (article by article), using the non paper as the “unofficial tool”, leaving the complex and controversial 15/2 document on the side even though that document is the only inclusive document, the one “that contains all the proposals” [except the Canadian proposal?].

Jukka returns to SCCR, gives very long speech setting out the proceedures for limiting debate and having closed sessions

Well, it was nice having an actual plenary yesterday, but Jukka is back, and he wants to move immediately to a closed session. He has made a very long speech, about the need to limit debate, and move to closed sessions. It will not be a “green room” approach just yet, but a plenary without NGOs or notes.

WIPO 2nd Special Session Day 2 - Summary of Notes

I arrived at WIPO yesterday for Day 1 which started at 12pm. The delegates and NGOs went for lunch at 1pm and the meeting started again in the afternoon. I’m not sure it was because of jetlag but the meeting did not make much sense. The Chair was re-elected (of course) and he just talked, talked and talked.

Day 2

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