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News Reports and Blogs on Innovation Prizes

    General articles on prizes 

    Prizes for medical technology

    Transportation prizes

    Technology prizes  

    Prizes for the environment and clean energy

    Miscellaneous prizes

General articles on prizes

2008 January 25. Tim Harford. “Cash for answers.”

2007 September 3. Peter Diamandis. 22nd Century Philanthropy: High Efficiency, High Leverage. Huffington Post

2007 February 1. Tapscott, D. and Williams, A. “Innovation in the Age of Mass Collaboration.”

2007 January 31. Leonhardt, D.  “You Want Innovation? Offer a Prize.” New York Times.

2004 June 16. Boyle, A. “How Prizes Pushed Progress: Rewards provided incentive to inventors, adventurersMSNBC.

1984 February 27. Wade, N. “The Editorial Notebook: The Science of Prize-Giving.” New York Times.

1886 April 3. “The Patent Bills Before Congress.” Scientific American, v 54 (ns), no 14, p 208.

Prizes for medical technology

2008 April 30. "InnoCentive Unveils List of Top Solvers for 2007." MarketWire. 

2008 April 1. Elizabeth Bernstein. "Gotham Prize Honors New Cancer Research." 

2008 March 26. Saunders, Adelia. "Prize money could stimulate medical research." MediaGlobal.

2008 March 26. Love, James. "Prizes, not prices, to stimulate antibiotic R&D." 

2008 March 9. Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt. "Bottom-Line Philanthropy." The New York Times Magazine. 

2008 January 23. Rampell, Catherine. “Invent a Drug, Win $1 Million: Should the government start handing out prizes for science breakthroughs?Slate Magazine.

2008 January 15. Tansey, Bernadette. “Silicon Valley venture capitalist backs offbeat cancer cure ideas.” San Francisco Chronicle.

2007 November 19. KEI. Experts comment on Senate bill that replaces monopolies for medicines with system of prizes

2007 November 14. Edwards Pushes Prizes Over Patents for Drugs. The Wall Street Journal Health Blog.

2007 November 14. Ed Silverman. Now John Edwards Says ‘Prizes, Not Patents’. Pharmalot

2007 November 14. Karsten Gerloff. KEI and UNU-MERIT Announce Award for Best Paper on Monetary Prizes to Stimulate Medical R&D.

2007 November 13. Scott Malone. Edwards would remove some drug patent protections. Yahoo! News

2007 November 12. James Love. Would cash prizes promote cheap drugs? The New Scientist

2007 November 6. Avery Johnson. WHO Mulls Patent Changes and Prizes for Needed Drugs. The Wall Street Journal Health Blog.

2007 October 31. Ed Silverman. Prizes, Not Patents: Jamie Love Explains The Idea. Pharmalot.

2007 October 22. Ed Silverman. Prizes, Not Patent, For Drug Discovery. Pharmalot.

2007 September 18. Amy Dockser Marcus. Will Sharing Ideas Advance Cancer Research? The Wall Street Journal

2007 June 15. James Love. John Edwards: Prizes, Not Patent Monopolies. Huffington Post.

2007 June 14. Nick Bunkley. Edwards to Press Insurers on Health Care Premiums. New York Times.

2007 June 14. Ezra Klein. John Edwards vs. Pharmaceutical Patents. Tomorrow’s Media Conspiracy Today.

2007 June 14. Ezra Klein. Clarity on the Edwards Patents Proposal. Tomorrow’s Media Conspiracy Today

2007 June 14. John Edwards’ campaign. Reforming Health Care to Make it Affordable, Accountable, and Universal. Fact sheet on John Edwards' healthcare plan.

2007 May 29. James Love. Prize4Life. KEI

2007 May 28. Steven Edwards. Harvard Graduate Holds X-Prize-like Competition for ALS Research. Wired Science

2007 May 27. James Love. The Mprize. KEI

2007 May 23. James Love. The Gotham Prize. KEI

2007 May 23. James Love. Peter Pitts doesn’t like the KSR decision, or prizes. KEI

2007 May 23. Million-dollar prize aims to lure new cancer ideas.  Reuters.

2007 May 23. $1 Million Gotham Prize Launched by Leading Scientists, Hedge Fund Managers to Encourage Innovation in Cancer Research. PRWeb

2007 May 23. Peter Pitts. Is Chunky Monkey an Obvious Combination? The American Spectator.

2007 March. Joseph Stiglitz. Prizes, Not Patents. Project Syndicate.

2007. SteriCoat racks up another, even bigger innovation prize.  EQN.

2006 December 23. Joseph E Stiglitz. Scrooge and intellectual property rights. British Medical Journal.

2006 December 13. Ben Krohmal. Michael Abramowicz on "Perfecting Patent Prizes". CPTech

2006 November 9. Ben Krohmal. Peter Pitts on Prizes. CPTech

2006 September 16. Joseph Stiglitz. Innovation: A better way than patents. New Scientist.

2006 September 12. Rob Carlson. “Vaccine Development as Foreign Policy.” Synthesis: An Open Notebook.

2006 June 22. Wessel, D. “Using M.B.A. Drive to Speed an ALS Cure.” Wall Street Journal Online.

2006 May 30. James Love, "A new initiative at the WHO, Prizes rather than prices. " Le Monde Diplomatique.

2006 April 18. Scott Woolley. Prizes not Patents. Forbes Magazine.
Argues for a U.S. medical innovation prize system and describes advantages for American consumers.

2006. Joseph Stiglitz. Give Prizes not Patents. New Scientist.
Proposes a global prize fund paid for by industrialized nations that would reward new drug and vaccine developments on the basis of their health impact. Argues that using such a prize system in lieu of patent monopolies would be 'more efficient and more equitable.

2004 March 4. Tim Hubbard and James Love. We're patently going mad: Lifesaving drugs must be developed differently – for all our sakes. The Guardian.

1994 February 20. “The Prize.” New York Times, Health Section.

Transportation prizes

2008 January 25. “$10m prize for the world's fastest eco car.”

2008 January 23. Tim Walker. “Mean, green racing machines: £10m prize for the inventor of the world's fastest eco

2007 May 27. James Love. $1 billion prize for car that can travel 100 miles per gallon. KEI

2007 May 9. “Inventors to race for millions in auto-efficiency prize.” CNN.

Technology prizes

2007 November 12. Associated Press. Google Offers $10M in Software Prizes. The Chicago Tribune.

2007 July 5. Donna Miles. "Defense Department Offers $1 Million Prize for Wearable Power Innovations." American Forces Press Service.

2007 March 11. Olsen, Stefanie. “AMD Sponsors ‘Open Architecture Prize.’” USA Today.

2007 February 2. Weiss, R. “GMU Teacher's Ingenuity Nets $1 Million Prize.” Washington Post. B1.

2006 March 17. Maya Roney. “Mac, Meet Windows.”

2003 26 February. John Sundman. "Artificial stupidity." Salon.

2000 June 12. Fusco, P. “FCC Grants QUALCOMM Pioneer Preference.”

Prizes for the environment and clean energy

2008 April 3. James Murray. "Scotland launches £10m marine power prize." 

2008 February 5. Ronald Bailey. “A 10-Year Energy Plan?: Techno-optimistic environmentalists still stuck with old-fashioned, top-down thinking.” Reason Magazine.
“Since the problem is diffuse, a far better strategy would be to encourage venture capitalists and other entrepreneurs to finance new low-carbon energy development, rather than a centralized top-down crash research program directed by Department of Energy bureaucrats. One promising technique is to offer substantial prizes for energy production or utilization breakthroughs.”

2008 January 28. Gingrich, Newt and Maple, Terry.  “Let the Markets Work.” The New Republic.
“A prize of $1 billion would help our nation sprint to a hydrogen economy and dramatically speed up our movement towards a domestically produced form of clean, sustainable energy.”

2007 December 10. “Earth Fund launched to support environmental innovation in developing

2007 June 6. Kathryn A. Wolfe. House Passes ‘H-Prize’ Bill for Energy Research.

2007 May 28. James Love. Hillary Clinton’s Prizes for Advanced Technology Achievements. KEI

2007 May 27. James Love. Climate Technology Challenge Program. KEI

2007 May 27. James Love. Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prizes. KEI

2007 May 27. James Love. Bill considers prizes to promote self-powered farms. KEI 

2007 May 27. James Love. The H-Prize. KEI

2007 May 21. Edward L. Glaeser. A road map for environmentalism. The Boston Globe.

Miscellaneous prizes

2007 May 26. James Love. The Royal Academy of Engineering and British Industry Prizes. KEI

1999 March 23. “Prize Money Propels Record-quests .” CNN Downlinks with Miles O’Brien.

1913 April 1. “$50,000 FOR FLIGHT ACROSS ATLANTIC; Daily Mail Offer for First Crossing by Waterplane in 72 Hours.” The New York Times.

1908 July 5. “Aeroplane Wins Contest for Prize; The "June Bug" Flies a Mile at Hammondsport in a Little Over a Minute. Alights Without Mishap. G.H. Curtiss in Full Control of the Machine — Cup Offered by The Scientific American.” The New York Times.

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