WIPO Secretariat Report on Limitations and Exceptions at SCCR 40

Discussions, or rather statements on limitations and exceptions started with the WIPO Secretariat’s report on regional seminars and an international conference that took place in 2019. See Documents: Report on Regional Seminars and International Conference (SCCR/40/2) (available in six languages);… Continue Reading

What’s in a name? Geographical indications stir the pot at WIPO trademark committee

Protection for geographical indications is an issue that divides the generally united front that Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand and the United States maintain at WIPO and WTO negotiations on setting rules for the enforcement of patents, copyright, trademarks and industrial designs. In a 12 March 2014 piece, Europe wants its Parmesan back, seeks name change, the Associated Press reported that,

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Open letter to those who collectively produced the May 23, 2012 statement to the WIPO SCP on the topics of patents and health

Open letter to those who collectively produced the May 23, 2012 statement to the WIPO SCP on the topics of patents and health (Copy of US statement available here: https://www.keionline.org/node/1416).

May 25, 2012

To each and everyone who worked on the SCP submission:

This letter outlines our concerns to the May 23, 2012 statement to the 18th Session of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP), on the agenda for patents and health.

In its opening, the USPTO said the following:

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US statement to SCP 18 on the United States proposal on Patents and Health

The following is the statement read today by USPTO during a meeting of the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patent, on the agenda item for patents and health. I’ll provide more commentary later, but in general, this was seen an aggressive attack on a proposal for work by the Development Agenda Group (DAG), and on the notion that countries should grant compulsory licenses on patents to address concerns over access or affordability of drugs.

[Update: KEI wrote to USPTO about the submission: /node/1420]

The USPTO statement follows:

KEI interventions on a possible WIPO legal instrument for the protection of traditional cultural expressions

As mentioned in a previous piece entitled WIPO expert committee deliberates on road map to protect traditional cultural expressions, WIPO has convened an intersessional working group (IWG) comprised of experts from countries and observer organizations to examine draft provisions of a document prepared by the WIPO secretariat on ‘The Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions/Expressions of Folklore: Revised Objectives and Principles‘. The IWG runs from July 19-23, 2010. Continue Reading