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  • April 22, 2011. Six NGOs present recommendations for Moscow WHO forum on non-communicable diseases.
  • September 10, 2011. Krista Cox, Obama Administration Wants to Eliminate References to Doha Declaration in UN Political Declaration on Non-Communicable Diseases. KeiOnline.Org,


September 8, 2011
From KEI staff review of Wikileaks cables (

Rubin_150_1.jpgOn August 1, 2008, then Deputy Chief of Mission in the Moscow Embassy Eric Rubin sent a cable that looked at the medical clinical trials industry in Russia.

These are a few of the highlights:

Cable details "textbook case of how not to conduct a public vaccination campaign" in Romania by Merck and GSK

September 6, 2011
From KEI staff review of Wikileaks cables (

A high profile campaign to promote the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer in Romania was described by Embassy officials as a failure, and a " textbook case of how not to conduct a public vaccination campaign." Among other things, the campaign featured a Merck sponsored visit by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Here are some highlights from the cable:

2009 January 14 cable on Poland pharmaceutical reimbursement list

This is one of several Wikileaks cables on Poland pharmaceutical reimbursements.

Some highlights from this cable:

  • Pfizer's head of government affairs estimated it contains about 10 new molecules without generic competitors. Meaningful access to the Polish market often hinges on a drug appearing on the list, since those drugs are subsidized by the National Health Fund (NFZ) and doctors most often prescribe drugs from the list.

2006 Cable: US, UK, French, German and Danish officials lobby against Polish price cuts for pharmaceutical drugs

September 3, 2011
From KEI staff review of Wikileaks cables (

This July 3, 2006 cable discusses a U.S. mobilization to oppose a reduction in pharmaceutical prices in Poland. The cable notes that

2,446 Wikileaks cables mentioning the search term "pharmaceutical"

The following are 2,446 cables from Wikileaks, that mention the search term: "pharmaceutical." The search was conducted on August 29, 2011. This is an average of 23 cables per week, for the period. The cables are organized by dates.

John LaMattian, former head of Pfizer R&D, says industry mergers have harmed R&D efforts

John L. LaMattina, the former President of Pfizer Global Research and Development, has just published an article in Nature that looks at the impact of drug company mergers and increased industry concentration on R&D. Among his conclusions: the "impact on the R&D of the organizations involved has been devastating."



The impact of mergers on pharmaceutical R&D

ADAP Financial Eligibility Criteria and ADAP Expenditures

AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) serve low-income, underinsured or uninsured HIV-positive patients in the United States and its territories. General eligibility requirements may include residency, clinical eligibility based on specific CD4 counts, and income. Specific eligibility criteria for each ADAP is determined by each individual state.

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