SCCR32: Conclusion by the chair and comments from the floor

SCCR 32 Conclusions proposed by the chair. Late Friday May 13, 2016. Nigeria, Bahamas, Brazil, South Africa and Egypt were exceptionnaly interesting. Here is most of what was said including the reading of the proposed conclusions and the comments from member states. In brief all topics are maintained. Including the broadcasting and cablecasting treaty, the Limitations and Exceptions discussion for libraries, archives, education, research and for people with other disabilities.

SCCR32: KEI, EIFL and FIM comments on GRULAC Papers

CHAIR: Thank you very much for sharing us your view. EIFL. net has the floor.theresa-x1024.jpg

KEI submission to the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP): Patents and Health

Submission of Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) to the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP): Patents and Health

11 September 2011

Thiru Balasubramaniam

US wary of WIPO initiative to host meeting on avian influenza and intellectual property rights (2005)

On 2 November 2005, Ambassador Kevin Moley wrote the following entitled, "NOT A GOOD IDEA - WIPO PROPOSAL ON AVIAN INFLUENZA AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS" after meeting with Rita Hayes, Deputy Director General WIPO, to discuss a proposed WIPO-hosted meeting of a high-level advisory group for intellectual property and avian flu.

Wikileaks: US Cable on WIPO SCCR 17 meeting

September 2, 2011
From KEI staff review of Wikileaks cables (http://keionline.org/wikileaks)

This is a US Department of State cable reporting on the WIPO SCCR 17 meeting, which took place November 3-7, 2008. This was the first meeting focusing primarily on copyrigh limitations and exceptions, and also, the meeting where the World Blind Union first presented its proposal for a treaty.

Among the observations reported in the cable:

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