Howard Dean -- for hire

Salon has an article today with this title: The seduction of Howard Dean, by Justin Elliot.

Draft WHO Executive Board resolution on WHO reform

At 18:30 Geneva time on 25 May 2011, during the 129th session of the WHO Executive Board, the EB is considering the following draft decision on WHO reform.

Chair's text, based on draft proposed by Ecuador

The 29th [sic] Executive Board,

(OP.1) DECIDES to establish an incremental, transparent, Member-State driven and inclusive consultative process comprising of the following elements:

Letter to the 129th WHO Executive Board on conflicts of interest, WHO reform and the future of financing

24 May 2011

NGO letter on Conflicts of Interest, Future Financing, Reform and governance of the WHO.

Dear Members of the Executive Board,

NGO Statement on WHO governance and the Management of Conflicts of Interest and the Future of Financing for WHO

NGO Statement on WHO governance and the Management of Conflicts of Interest and the Future of Financing for WHO.

May 18, 2011

We write to express our concerns about governance of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other public health bodies, as regards the management of conflicts of interest.

The 2010 US elections

This was originally published in the Huffington Post here.

Gary Locke and Microsoft

The U.S. Department of Commerce has been given a high profile role in intellectual property policies in the Obama Administration. The Department is headed by Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. Locke is the best known as the former two term governor of the State of Washington. After leaving the government, he has also been a lawyer and consultant, including to Microsoft. Here are a few data points on that relationship.

Remembering Al and Tipper Gore

The announcement this week that Al and Tipper Gore have separated brought back a number of memories. I first worked with Al Gore's office in 1990, when I was an employee of the Center for the Study of Responsive Law, working with the American Library Association (ALA) and other library groups to overturn a Reagan era policy to privatize the distribution of government databases. Among other things, I had worked with Representative Charlie Rose to introduce a bill in the House of Representatives to create an online distribution system at the Government Printing Office (GPO).

Pfizer shifts more money to Democrats

According to data from OpenSecrets.Org, from 1992 to 2006, Pfizer gave 74 percent of its campaign contributions to Republicans. Since then, particularly after Hank McKinnell left as CEO, Pfizer is giving slightly more to democrats than to republicans. In the current cycle, 54 percent of contributions go to democrats.

President Obama picks David Kappos as USPTO Director, first open source fan to run USPTO

Our impressions about this appointment are positive, but we would like to hear from others. IBM has been very smart on IPR issues lately, recognizing that knowledge is often more valuable when shared. Coming from a successful technology firm, he will have both credibility and insight into innovation policy. He brings more balance to the job than anyone we can remember. Below are some interesting quotes from various articles.

Obama transition – Economics and Trade

Who is advising Obama during the transition? An army of well connected people. Here are the team leaders for economics and international trade. Many have past public service and current charity work. For those now working in the for-profit sector, we have emphasized only the business ties.

Economics and International Trade Team Leads

Corporate, Investment, Law Firm and Consultant

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