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SCCR 21: General statement of Group B (covering broadcasting, AV protection and limitations and exceptions)

The following general statement was delivered by France, on behalf of Group B, on the first day (8 November 2010) of SCCR 21.

Group B opening statement

I thank you M. Chair,

Group B is glad to welcome you back in Geneva for this 21st session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, which we hope will be a productive one.

Statement of the United States to WTO TRIPS Council on the Paragraph 6 System

The following statement was delivered by USTR at the WTO Council for TRIPS Annual Review of the Paragraph 6 System on Wednesday, 27 October 2010.

Statement of the United States
Agenda item F, Annual Review of the Paragraph 6 System
Topic 5

Mr. Chairman

We are pleased to be here today to participate in the annual review on the implementation of paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration.

Statement by the United States on patents and standards at WIPO patent committee

Patents and Standards

The United States thanks the International Bureau for preparing the background paper on Standards and Patents, and we support the statement made by Germany on behalf of Group B.

Mr. Chairman, the United States supports and strongly encourages the use of open standards, as traditionally defined, that is, those developed through an open, collaborative process, whether or not intellectual property is involved.

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