SCCR 32: SAA Statement on Orphan Works


>> SAA: Thank you, Mr. Chair. Orphan works, what an appropriate name for the stuff of everyday life that we all create? Diaries, business memos and photographs that we never bother to mark with our own names. Most of it created with no commercial intent. However, these are the very documents that make archives invaluable for research and study.

SCCR 32 Day 1 Director General Francis Gurry addressed the Committee

The WIPO Director General Francis Gurry addressed the SCCR 32 Delegates at the opening of the meeting. His statement was substantive:

SCCR 32: EIFL.NET on Orphan works

>> EIFL.NET: I will start with retracted and withdrawn works. So libraries and archives have a mandate to pre seven public record for the future. In the analog aenvironment exhaustion to the distribution right provides legal means to insure its basic operation. If an Article in a print journal is withdrawn for any reason, the library has the hard copy to preserve and provide access for research or scholarship subject to preservation exceptions.

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