Questions linger on WIPO copyright committee’s leadership race

It is 10:25 AM here in Geneva and the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) has yet to begin. The buzz in the hallways indicates that Finland, Italy, Senegal and Canada are vying for leadership of this Committee which will have important ramifications for WIPO’s work on limitations and exceptions, the public domain, competition and access to knowledge. From our perspective, we hope that the this Committee will augur in the fresh winds of change that will change the direction of WIPO’s work on copyright and related rights towards a positive agenda.

The leadership question is contained in item 2 of the SCCR agenda “Election of a Char and two Vice-Chairs”. Equally as important are agenda items 6 (Protection of broadcasting organizations), 7 (Exception and limitations), 8 (Future work of the Committee) and 9 (Other matters).