Check your Bookshelf 2 (at home)

Over the weekend, I looked at a small section of one of my bookshelf at home.

As in my previous blog, I wrote down the titles and author names for all of the books, and then checked on to find out what is actually available for reading disabled persons. For purposes of this survey, I considered all books on Bookshare of “fair or above quality” (the lowest of 4 categories that include publisher’s quality, excellent and good), as “being available.”

The statistics are as follows. Of 90 titles. 72 titles are not available on Bookshare.Org. Sixteen titles were available for the US . Only 2 titles were available on Bookshare for worldwide distribution.

Here are the titles from the 3 bookshelves at home, as of 2/22/09.

Available in the US in fair or above

1. Copyrights and Copywrongs Siva Vaidhyanathan
2. Marie Antoinette Fraser
3. Heroes &Monsters of Greek Myths Evslin
4. The End of the Affair Greene
5. Longitude David Sobel
6. Neuromancer William Gibson
7. Free Culture Lessig

8. Germs Judith Miller
9. Guns, Germs and Steel Diamond
10. Native Son Richard Wright
11. An Equal music Seth
12. Ulysses joyce
13. Nemesis Asimov
14. The Tears of the giraffe Alexander McCall Smith
15. Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot Al Franken
16. The Guns of August Barbara W. Tuchman

Available Worldwide in fair or above quality
17. The Voyage of the Beagle Charles Darwin
18. The Oedipus Cycle Sophocles

Not Available

1. Science in the Private interest Krimsky
2. The Seventh Son Vol 2 WEB Dubois
3. Race Matters West
4. My country Right or left Orwell
5. Profits Pending Albright

6. Alphonse Esquiros Zielonka
7. Eighteenth Century Comedy Trussler
8. Man Slaughter Englund
9. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Morris
10. No One Writes to the Colonel and other stories Gabriel Garcia Marquez
11. Myths of the Greek and Romans Michael Grant
12. Les Malheurs de Sophie Comtesse de Segur
13. Collected Stories Gabriel Garcia Marquez
14. Histoire Romaine Malet &Isaac

15. The Comic in Renaissance Comedy Farley=Hills
16. Corto Maltese Hugo Pratt
17. La Jeune fille a la perle Tracy Chevalier
18. The First Amendment Karst
19. The Public Philosophy Walter Lippmann
20. Tourist Guide Switzerland Michelin
21. The Guerilla Art Kit Smith
22. Random House Dictionnary
23. Cause commune Aigrain

24. Bright Lights, Big city McInerney
25. Economic Benefit of Intellectual property Protection in developing Countries WIPO
26. The collected Plays Lilian Hellman
27. Better health Care at Halpf the cost Arndt von Hippel
28. The Formal method in Literary scholarship M.M. Bakhtin/P.M. Medvedev
29. Literary Theory Terry Eagleton
30. Socrate Platon
31. A Rebours Huysmans
32. Woodcuts of Women Dagoberto Gilb

33. Washington Babylon Coskburn Silverstein
34. Shaggy Dog Tales Paul Ress
35. When madness comes Home Secunda
36. Against Interpretation Sontag
37. La belle Hotesse Goldoni
38. Poesies Verlaine
39. Napoleon Steven Englund
40. Maus I Spiegelman
41. Maus II Spiegelman

42. Journal Kafka
43. Dr Spock’s Spock
44. The Voice of the American Revolution by the peoples Bicennial Commission
45. Metro Wasgington ADC the map people
46. Prize Winning Asian Fiction Leon Comber
47. The Rambutan Orchard Che Husna Azhari
48. Markets ans Mortality Dorman
49. Comme un roman Daniel Pennac
50. Picasso Albert Delmar

51. Leonardo Albert Delmar
52. Le Medianoche amoureux Michel Tournier
53. House of Glass Pramoedya Ananta Toer
54. Modern Language Studies XXV: 2 Spring 1995
55. Feminist Literary Studies K.K. Ruthven
56. La Fin des temps Duby
57. The Discover of Heaven Harry Mulisch
58. Dave Barry is from Mars and venus Dave Barry
59. Histoire Generale de l’Afrique Unesco

60. The Lost Cities of Africa Basil Davidson
61. The Strong Brown God Sanche de Gramont
62. Clara Hopgood Mark Rutherford
63. The Story of Nigeria Michael Crowder
64. If on a Winter’s night a traveler Italo Calvino
65. The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley The case of the Hotel Laura O’Neil
66. The Hunchback of Notre Dame in easy to read type Victor Hugo
67. La Bonne Ame de Se-Ychouan Brecht

68. Toil and Trouble Thomas R. Brooks
69. Slouching towards Bethlehem Joan Didion
70. L’Horreur Economique Viviane Forrester
71. Card Games for Dummies
72. Visions of History Marho