Submissions of Member States and Stakeholders to WHO Expert Working Group on R&D Financing

The contributions from WHO Member States and other Stakeholders to the Expert Working Group on R&D financing are now available on the WHO website.

The following extract is taken from the WHO public hearing website:

The Expert Working Group on R&D financing was established in November 2008. At its first meeting held in Geneva from 12 to14 January 2009, the Expert Working Group agreed to invite member states and other stakeholders to submit proposals within the context and scope of the paragraph cited above on innovative sources of funding to stimulate R&D related to diseases that disproportionately affect developing countries, for consideration by the Expert Group.

Leading up to the second meeting of the Expert Working Group on R&D Financing in June 2009, WHO has contacted Member States to solicit proposals and also set up a web-based public hearing between 7 March and 15 April open to individuals, civil society groups, government institutions, academic and research institutions, the private sector and other interested parties. In response to both of these initiatives, WHO has received the following contributions.

Public hearing on R&D financing (Member State submissions) (Stakeholder submissions)

Here is a list of Member State contributions:


Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia, and Suriname_Proposal 1 (Chagas Disease Prize Fund for the Development of New Treatments, Diagnostics and Vaccines)

Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia, and Suriname_Proposal 2 (A Prize Fund to Support Innovation and Access for Donor Supported Markets: Linking Rewards for Innovation to the Competitive Supply of Products for HIV-AIDS, TB, Malaria and Other Diseases for Humanitarian Uses)

Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia, and Suriname_Proposal 3 (Proposal for WHO Discussions on a Biomedical R&D Treaty)

Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia, and Suriname_Proposal 4 (Prize Fund for Development of Low-Cost Rapid Diagnostic Test for Tuberculosis)

Bangladesh, Bolivia, and Suriname (Prizes as a Reward Mechanism for New Cancer Treatments and Vaccines in Developing Countries)


Costa Rica





South Africa


Here is a list of Stakeholder contributions.

Sophie Bloemen – Health Action International, Netherlands

Michelle Childs – Médecins Sans Frontières, France

Alicia Greenidge – International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, Switzerland

Aidan Hollis – University of Calgary, Canada, also on behalf of Thomas Pogge, Peter Singer, Carl Nathan,

Amitava Banerjee, Paul Grootendorst, and Rudolf V. Van Puymbroeck

Caroline Joiner – US Chamber of Commerce, USA

James Love – Knowledge Ecology International, Switzerland: Comments of Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) to the WHO public hearing for Proposals for new and innovative sources of funding to stimulate R&D

Warren Mitchell – AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, USA

Itaru Nitta – Green Intellectual Property Project, Switzerland

Peter Singer and Abdallah Daar – McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health, University Health Network and University of Toronto, Canada

Rebecca Stevens – Novartis, Switzerland

Wayne D. Taylor – The Cameron Institute, Canada

Ellen t’Hoen – UNITAID, Switzerland: Proposals for New and Innovative Sources of Funding
Medicines Patent Pool

Charles W. Wessner – US National Academies of Science, USA