USTR asks that briefing on position on ACTA transparency be off the record

The January 2010 Guadalajara, Mexico, meeting on ACTA included an agenda item on transparency. I asked USTR if they could provide TACD with a briefing on transparency and other issues in the negotiation. The one hour briefing was held today. I can report nothing of what the USTR said at the meeting, other than they insisted it be off the record. TACD has asked for an on the record meeting, but that apparently will have to wait until after the New Zealand meetings are held the week of April 12. I should also point out that the USTR said that they cannot confirm or deny anything about the leaked copies of the ACTA without breaking US law.

Attending the meeting for TACD were KEI, Public Citizen, and Public Knowledge and Sean Flynn from American University. Participating on the phone were EFF, Oxfam, the Stanford University Law School program on the Internet and Society, and Kevin Outterson from Boston University. Attending for USTR were:

  • Stan McCoy, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Intellectual Property and Innovation
  • Kira Alvarez, the Chief Negotiator for IP Enforcement, and
  • Myesha Ward, who took over today from Lisa Garcia as the new acting director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement.
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