ACTA and Part III of TRIPS Compared by Frequency of Terms

ACTA is basically a re-write of Part III of the TRIPS, which is the part dealing with the enforcement of intellectual property rights. How do Part III of the TRIPS and ACTA compare in terms of the frequency of terms? Using the August 25, 2010 text, which includes in some cases duplication where there are competing versions of the text, the comparison now looks like this:

Terms Part III of TRIPS ACTA
All words 3,001 10,683
Shall 67 163
May 16 81
At Least 3 18
Seizure (or variations) 1 12
Destroy 2 5
Liability 1 10
Damages 3 8
Imprisonment 1 2
Criminal 4 21
Aiding and Abetting 0 2
Circumvention or circumventing 0 6
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