David Hammerstein tweets on the European Parliament hearing on the WIPO Treaty for Blind negotiations

These were copied from David Hammerstein’s twitter feed, October 3, 2010.


  • Treaty Visually Impaired before European Parliament at aprox. 15:30. Webstream: bit.ly/kQgrDf info: bit.ly/oDLbL0
  • This is the correct link for the webstreaming of Treaty of visually impaired before the European Parliament: bit.ly/PwS9T
  • Session begins in EP´s Petition Committee on Treaty for Visually Impaired. Chris Friend, World Blind Union condemns us to “book famine”
  • “Imagine walking into a public library and you find 95% of books are locked away, How would you feel?”
  • Friend (WBU) criticised Commissioner Barnier´s rejection of a Treaty, The EC only protects industry and rights holders, not blind people
  • EU does not back a solution to this problem. We could have a Treaty next year. Calls for a resolution from plenary of European Parliament.
  • Maria Martin Prat Eu copyright head gives stakeholder dialogue as an alternative to a Treaty. EU worked with Brazil, Ecuador and others.
  • A consensus text is progressing and is on the table and supported by all. We don´t have support of member states to support a Treaty.
  • Ex-Copyright lobbyist, EU copyright Czar, Martín Prat, rejects treaty for right to read of blind persons – against parliament position.
  • “Basic rights to education and culture are being denied” “knowledge is power, without it you´re excluded” different MEPscriticize One liberal MEP calls EC position “beyond belief”.
  • EPP group asks for a resolution and oral question in Plenary Session.
  • Commission is just talking and not taking any action, previous attempts failed. EPP Peter Jahr.
  • Socialist: Bustanaro: Can millions of people be treated as simply a commercial question when they could access these books?
  • “Violation of fundamental human right” spokesperson of socialist group, Romanian Bustinaro.
  • Cross border export of these format should be free. “So little money, what about our values? This is shocking and unacceptable!”
  • All political groups are blasting the European Commission for not supporting the Treaty at WIPO!
  • “Publishing houses are not doing that badly and can allow humanitarian publishing”
  • MEP Bolzano: “I´m upset with what the Commission is doing to stop access to culture!”
  • MEP Auken: Why is Commission only considering this from INternal Market issue and not a human rights issue, Why is DG Justice absent ?
  • Commission defends voluntary processes, does not respond to questions of MEPs.
  • Most MEPs do not know Martin Prat is an ex copyright lobbyist. “We´ll continue working for a solid text”.
  • Auken: Commission ignores fundamental rights.
  • Pescod for EBU: 2 thirds of world´s countries do not have exceptions and cannot share books. Soft law is not the answer, Global law yes.
  • Petitions committee decides unanimously to support an oral question and resolution on EP plenary on Visually Impaired Treaty
  • Petitions Committee ends, Commission representative has been fried from all political angles Now Treaty will have a debate in plenary.
  • Rarely have I seen such a cross party criticism as that on Maria Martín Prat as she defended the unsustainable rigidity of copyright.
  • Only the lobbyesque opaqueness of WiPO +EC processes can hide the truth, when in open debate everyone supports Treaty of Blind.
  • RT @glynmoody: yeah, how dare the blind claim the right to read like the rest of us – so presumptuous…
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