SCCR 31 KEI Statement on Right of Reproduction and Safeguarding copies

Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) is and has been supportive of the Committee’s work on access and preservation of knowledge which is important for everyone and every country.

Preservation and safeguarding copies of works is to some degree a global public good. We all want and need works to be preserved, and copyright and reproduction rights coupled with limitations and exceptions are essential.

Most experts here are seeking to balance access, preservation and exclusive rights and we thank the Chair and the secretariat for the very useful presentation of the 11 topics. As any list (a to do list or Christmas wish list), this tool, presents easily achievable topics as well as complex and thus difficult topics.

Regarding Topic 2 “right of reproduction and safeguarding copies”. The libraries and archives made it clear that one of the issue they faced is the difference between countries especially depending on the purpose of the reproduction.

For KEI, reproduction for purpose of preservation seems to be quite common and useful among countries that actually have working libraries. KEI believes this should NOT be controversial.

On this topic, Libraries and Archives need clear, and easy to interpret exceptions and limitations for reproduction that have the flexibility to include progress in technology.

For KEI, Topic 2 just as topic 1 (Preservation) could go further in terms of its conclusions and we believe the committee could work on a binding instrument solving the problems associated with reproduction for safeguarding works.