SCCR33: Conclusions – Protection of Broadcasting Organizations

On Friday, 18 November 2016, WIPO’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) reconvened in plenary at 8:45 PM to review the Summary of the Chair. The time stamp of the draft document is 8:00 PM.

The following conclusions relate to the Committee’s work on a proposed treaty on the Protection of Broadcasting Organizations.

5. The Documents related to this agenda item were SCCR/27/2 REV, SCCR/27/6, SCCR/30/5, SCCR/31/3, SCCR/32/3, SCCR/33/3 and SCCR/33/5 as well as informal charts and non-papers prepared by the Chair.

6. The Committee welcomed and considered document SCCR/33/3 prepared by the Chair, entitled Revised Consolidated Text on Definitions, Object of Protection, and Rights to be Granted, and took note of document SCCR/33/5 entitled Note on the Draft Treaty to Protect Broadcasting Organizations, presented by the delegations of Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

7. The chair introduced to the Committee the topics contained in the informal chart on “Other Issues” notably beneficiaries, term of protection, limitations and exceptions, technological protection measures and rights management information.

8. Some delegations requested further clarification and exchanged views regarding document SCCR/33/5.

9. Discussions based on document SCCR/33/3 were held in informal sessions of the Committee. Textual proposals were made during those sessions with a view to achieve a common understanding on definitions, object of protection and rights to be granted.

10. The Committee decided to continue discussions on a revised version of document SCCR/33/3 that will be prepared by the Chair for the next meeting of the Committee considering the textual proposals and clarifications made during the session with respect to definitions, object of protection and rights to be granted, as well as the other issues mentioned in the Chair’s chart, with a view to achieving the consensus required for convening a diplomatic conference on the protection of broadcasting organizations.

11.This item will be maintained on the agenda of the thirty-fourth session of the SCCR.