WTO TRIPS Council: Submission of the European Union, the United States and 9 other WTO members on Public-Private Collaborations in Innovation

On 8 February 2019, the World Trade Organization (WTO) published a submission (IP/C/W/652) by Australia; Canada; Chile; The European Union; Hong Kong, China; Japan; the Republic of Korea; Singapore; Switzerland; Chinese Taipei; and the United States to the TRIPS Council on Intellectual Property and Innovation: Public-Private Collaborations in Innovation. The theme of intellectual property and innovation has been discussed since November 2012 at the TRIPS Council with sessions focusing on inter alia, women and innovation, sports and IP, university technology partnerships, and small and medium enterprises,

This new paper on public-private collaborations in innovation will be discussed at the next meeting of the TRIPS Council from 13 February 2019 to 14 February 2019.

The proponents of the discussion paper on public-private collaborations in innovation propose the following areas of discussion:

6.Members could discuss and share experiences on frameworks and mechanisms for successful knowledge innovation and R&D sharing mechanisms between the public and private sectors. In discussing these frameworks and mechanisms, Members could also discuss the following issues:

a.How to balance supporting innovative businesses with accountability for public funds;
b.Considerations regarding how IP should be owned and managed; and
c.How public agencies can help the private sector acquire and develop expertise in R&D and acquire IP.