Final recommendation on Broadcasting and visual information on development of broadcast technologies

The Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights is winding down. The chair’s summary draft is still in works. However, here is the final recommendation regarding the broadcasting to the next WIPO General Assembly:

“9. An agreement was reached on the following Recommendation to the WIPO General Assembly (WIPO/GA/59): In view of the steady progress made in recent SCCR sessions, the GA invites the SCCR to continue its work towards convening a diplomatic conference for the adoption of a treaty on the protection of broadcasting organizations, aiming for 2020/2021, subject to Member States reaching consensus in the SCCR on the fundamental issues, including specific scope, object of protection, and rights to be granted.”

I also recommend reviewing an earlier timeline of Selected developments in technologies to distribute, broadcast or stream audio and audiovisual content, prepared by KEI staff, for this negotiation. Here is a link: