KEI Roundtable on Pathways to Scale Up Manufacturing Capacity for COVID-19 Vaccines – 19 February 2021

KEI roundtable on pathways to scale up manufacturing capacity for COVID-19 vaccines

Friday, 19 February 2021
14h00 UTC to 16h00 UTC
15h00 CET to 17h00 CET
09h00 EST to 11h00  EST

On Friday, 19 February 2021, KEI will host a virtual roundtable to discuss pathways to scale production, increase competition and speed the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines. This roundtable will provide experts and policymakers the opportunity to exchange views on the challenges and opportunities to scale production of COVID-19 vaccines. This dialogue will encourage experts to address practical issues for the transfer of know-how and technology for manufacturing.

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The format for this roundtable will be to work through the agenda below, discussing each item in turn. KEI Director James Love will moderate the session, and for each topic, begin the discussion by calling on a few persons to share their perspectives, and then segue to a more open discussion. We used this format for a discussion of Bayh-Dole and CRADA issues a few weeks ago and it worked well, but we have quite a few registrations for this event, so we will do our best to keep things moving. If you have an interest in making a specific contribution, please contact the above email address in advance. We are aiming for an informal sharing of information, and we are pleased that we have a large number of very knowledgeable persons participating. The session will be recorded, and available on YouTube after the event.

Questions and topics to be raised include:

  1. Which vaccines represent the most significant opportunities in terms of scaling manufacturing capacity and enhancing access?
  2. What incentives, mandates and/or subsidies are useful in expanding access to vaccine manufacturing know-how and capacity?
  3. What is currently known about global manufacturing capacity for each relevant COVID-19 vaccine, and what measures are necessary to bring a facility into good manufacturing practice compliance for production of specific vaccines and other COVID-19 health technologies?
  4. What is the WHO prequalification program doing regarding COVID-19 vaccines?
  5. What is the WHO C-TAP doing to expand manufacturing for COVID-19 vaccines?
  6. What is the Medicines Patent Pool doing to expand manufacturing for COVID-19 vaccines?
  7. What are national governments doing to scale and expand vaccine manufacturing access?
  8. What mistakes were made in 2020, and what mistakes need to be avoided in 2021?

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