Pandemic Treaty negotiations: The Conceptual zero draft for the consideration of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body at its third meeting

This is what delegates will be discussing at the next INB meeting the week of December 5, 2022, in Geneva.


From the document:

“In preparing a conceptual zero draft, the Bureau started by integrating the above-mentioned input into the working draft (document A/INB/2/3) as a basis for developing the conceptual zero draft. Consistent with the requests made by Member States during the second meeting of the INB, the Bureau then consolidated the text to reduce overlaps and duplication and increase coherence, including through streamlining and grouping similar topics. In this process. . .

Similar to the working draft, this conceptual zero draft is provided as a flexible, “living” document, with a view to moving it towards a zero draft. This process will be informed by Member States’ discussions during the third meeting of the INB.”