WHA 76: KEI statement on The World Together: Establishment of an intergovernmental negotiating body to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response (decision SSA2(5) (2021))

On Friday, 26 May 2023, Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) delivered the following statement on WHO negotiations on a pandemic treaty.

KEI makes 3 points on the INB negotiations.

First, There needs to be less secrecy of the INB negotiations on a pandemic. The negotiating texts need to be public, if not in real time, frequently.

NGOs should be allowed in the building when negotiations are held.

Second, the INB should host a web page and collect comments from the public on significant versions of the negotiating texts .

Third, the INB should consider a novel measure to enhance engagement from the public that is based on new approaches to implementing social media.

The Fediverse is a system of thousands of independent social media servers that can communicate and talk to each other, similar to the way email works, without anyone or any company “owning” or controlling the overall technology platform.

The WHO needs to create a Fediverse server (an instance) to make announcements and engage with the public on the process and substance of the agreement.