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WIPO Broadcasting Treaty negotiations commence

The WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright (SCCR), the WIPO body overseeing the negotiations on the broadcasting treaty began at 12:04 PM. The reason for its late start was because the African Group had consultations in the morning.

Final PCDA Recommendations to 2007 General Assembly

PCDA Recommendations to 2007 General Assembly

(As adopted 9:38 pm June 15, 2007)

The PCDA decided to make the following recommendations to the 2007 General Assembly:

1. To adopt the recommendations for action in the agreed proposals contained in the Annex;

2. To immediately implement the recommendations contained in the list submitted by the Chair of the PCDA, in accordance with paragraph X of the Report of the Fourth Session of the PCDA;

3. A Committee on Development and IP be established immediately to:

PCDA Recommendations to WIPO General Assembly (not finalized yet)

It is 7:40PM and the plenary has still not resumed on the final day of WIPO negotiations on Development Agenda. The final PCDA recommendations to the General Assembly are still being negotiated in the green room. Of the text reproduced here, the first six paragraphs have been agreed upon according to informed sources. The 7th paragraph is still under discussion. One would hope paragraph 4 of these PCDA recommendations would not preclude the ad hoc accreditation of intergovernmental organizations and non governmental organizations.

WIPO Development Agenda: Language on open collaborative models in

We have heard that negotiations have finished on Cluster D and E were wrapped up last evening. Cluster C has one issue pending. As of 10 AM Geneva time, only the text of Cluster D was available. Particularly significant is the agreement on the text of having WIPO Member States exchange information on experiences on open collaborative projects such as the Human Genome Project. Also important was the agreement on language on impact assessment studies.

New Cluster B text (Draft Agreed Proposals) out on Norm-setting, Flexibilities, Public Policy and Public Domain

The following Cluster B text came out of the informal green room negotiations which broke out around 7 PM Geneva time last evening. The only word that seems to have brackets is the word “competition”.

1. In its activities, including norm-setting, WIPO should take into account the flexibilities in international IP agreements, especially those which are of interest to developing countries and LDCs.

WIPO Development Agenda: Erosion of access to knowledge?

The draft text on issues related to norm-setting, flexibilities, public policy and the public domain (Cluster B) is out.

Paragraph 3 reads:

3. To discuss possible new initatives and strengthen existing mechanisms within WIPO to facilitate [access to knowledge] and technology for developing countries and LDCs and to foster creativity and innovation within WIPO’s mandate.

The Development Agenda and 31 seats: Who sits at the table?

At Tuesday’s morning plenary session of the WIPO Development Agenda, Ambassador Trevor Clarke (Chair) of Barbados set the out the seating arrangements for the informal “green room” style negotiations in which consensus is expected to by hammered out, cluster by cluster.

The Chair noted that

GRULAC text of Cluster A (Annex B) on Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

The first four paragraphs on this cluster on Technical Assistance and Capcity Building have been agreed upon. The fifth paragraph is in brackets. GRULAC is the regional group in WIPO comprising of Latin American and Caribbean states.

WIPO Development Agenda: Cluster assignments

The first day of informals at the Development Agenda meeting this week concluded at around 7:10 PM. Cluster A on Technical Assistance and Capacity Building was discussed. Early reports indicate good progress was made (on the 4 paragraphs of agreed text contained in the Cluster A recommendations) but the negotiations on Cluster A have not yet been concluded.

KEI statement to 4th Session of WIPO PCDA

Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) General Statement at 4th Session

June 2007

Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) congratulates the [Ambassador Trevor Clark] on your re-election to the chair.

The Development Agenda: Crunch time at WIPO

The future of the WIPO Development Agenda enters a crucial phase this week as WIPO Member States meet at the fourth session of the Provisional Committee on Proposals Related to a WIPO Development Agenda (PCDA).

Views on the 60th World Health Assembly IGWG resolution

On 23 May 2007, the 60th World Health Assembly, the World Health Organization’s highest governing body, adopted resolution WHA60.30 on Public health, innovation and intellectual property. This resolution bolstered the work program of WHO’s Intergovernmental Working Group on Public health, innovation and intellectual property (IGWG/PHI). This is the key operative section of the resolution, and the reactions by several key persons.

KEI Statement on WHA/IGWG resolution

Statement by Thiru Balasubramaniam on behalf of KEI, regarding the WHO IGWG resolution:

“The 60th World Health Assembly is taking another important step to change the way the WHO and Member States deal with innovation and access.

September 2004: TACD's Future of WIPO Conference

The TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) Conference: The Future of WIPO

September 13-14, 2004
CICG, Geneva

(Registration Information given below)

Monday, September 13, 2004


  • Jim Murray -- TACD / BEUC
  • US TACD Rep. TBA

Panel 1 -- What is the WIPO Mission?

Chair, Benedicte Federspiel, FBR
Panel Members

  • Mr. Philippe PETIT , WIPO, invited
  • Rogier Wezenbeek, European Union
  • Larry Lessig, Stanford
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