Access to Medical Technologies

The KEI team has been working on the Access to Medicines movement for more than 20 years, engaging in global public interest advocacy, providing technical and structural support to governments, academics, civil society and firms, organizing meetings, publishing papers, as well as advocating for new thinking and solutions and more transparency in policy making.

KEI is involved in a number of projects to increase access to medicines. Some involve intellectual property rights, such as our work on the compulsory licensing of patents on medicines, or rights in test data for pharmaceutical and biologic medicines. KEI is also involved in issues about drug pricing, measures to improve the regulation of and confidence in generic products, the availability of independent and reliable information about pharmaceutical products, competition policy, procurement policy, the collective management and better global norms on licensing of patents and other intellectual property rights (patent pools) and other measures that directly influence the pricing and availability of products.

In addition, KEI focuses on transformative changes in the way that medical R&D is conducted, including new approaches that are more consistent with access to products and services. This includes our work on new incentive mechanisms for drug development that separate the market for the product from the market for innovation, medical innovation inducement prizes, competitive intermediaries and open source development models.