ACTA negotiating text: the August 25, 2010 version, incorporating changes from Washington, DC negotiations

The negotiating text emerging from 10th round ACTA negotiations in Washington DC (August 16-20, 2010) was not shared with the public because the United States successfully opposed its release. The US was the only negotiating party to have taken this position on transparency.

We have obtained a copy of the August 25 consolidated text which reflects changes made during the DC round. Here is a TRANSCRIBED version of this document.

While there is maximum consensus in Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6, numerous bracketed portions remain in every section of the enforcement chapter, and issues pertaining to scope are still highly significant. Note also the addition of a Preamble to the agreement. Parties are reportedly aiming to conclude text-based negotiations this month during a round of talks in Tokyo at the end of September.

KEI’s initial comments on the text are here (Part 1, Part 2)