May 11, 2015 consolidated text of Intellectual Property Chapter for TPP

August 4, 2015. Press Release for initial release of patent and enforcement provisions: Knowledge Ecology International Leaks TPP Text on Intellectual Property, (PDF)

August 5, 2015 Press Release: KEI’s second installment of TPP IP Chapter leak, includes copyright, all other provisions. This press release includes comments from James Love, KEI, Professor Michael Geist, and Jeremy Malcolm, EFF.

The following are several files which constitute the May 11, 2015 version of the Intellectual Property [Rights] Chapter from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.

Cover Page (Page 1) (PDF)
Section A: General Provisions (Pages 2 to 8) (PDF)
Section B: Cooperation (Pages 8 to 10) (PDF)
Section C: Trademarks (Pages 11 to 15) (PDF)
Section D: Geographical Indications (Pages 16 to 28) (PDF)
Section E: Patents / Undisclosed Test or Other Data / Traditional Knowledge (Pages 29 to 53) (PDF)
Section F: Industrial Designs (Page 54) (PDF)
Section G: Copyright and Related Rights / Right of Reproduction (Pages 55 to 66) (PDF)
Section H, Article 1 to 11: Enforcement (Pages 67 to 89). (PDF)
Addendum XV, Internet Service Providers (Pages 89 to 95) (PDF)

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