Medical professional and patient group funding by drug and medical device companies



2008 and earlier

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies have many different ways to fund medical professionals and academic, public health and patient organizations, including direct grants or contracts, funding through company controlled foundations or trade associations, or by using consulting, public relations or law firms, or other intermediaries. Many medical professionals are also paid to participate in various research and educational activities, including some that are thinly disguised marketing efforts. The following are examples of reports that some companies now make for direct grants to some non-profit groups.


Novartis Patient group support. This page lists groups, but not amounts.


Pfizer web page on support for U.S. Medical, Scientific, Patient and Civic Organization Grants, Charitable Contributions & Other Funding Requests.

Pfizer’s US Medical, Scientific, Patient and Civic Organization Funding Reports

Pfizer’s 2008 list of European patient groups receiving support.

Pfizer’s 2008 UK PAG disclosure


GSK web page on patient group funding.

Grants & Charitable Contributions to US Based Healthcare Organizations: 2009.


Registry of Grants and Contributions Funded by Lilly

Lilly’s 2008 UK Report of Patient Organisation Support.


Merck web page on Grants to Medical, Scientific and Patient Organizations. Merck has this web page to report grants to Grants to Medical, Scientific and Patient Organizations.


Partial list of organizations receiving grants from Gilead Foundation.


Genzyme only appears to disclose grants to patient groups when required to by the European Union.