SCCR 32 Day 2: Confidential Discussions re Casters’ Treaty

At the end of the morning plenary, the Chair announced that the SCCR would continue in an informal setting:

> SECRETARIAT: […] First with respect to the informals this afternoon, the room for that is in the new building. It is room 0.107 and so what we are asking with respect to the “open-ended” or unlimited participation by Member States arrangement is that coordinators plus seven could sit at around the table and other members of groups, so other members of the Committee could sit in the Chairs that surround. Those are also equipped, for example, the microphones. We will have to work with our colleagues for interpretation but there will be three language interpretation which is what that room can enable. And in terms of listening we will have to announce this afternoon once we consult with colleagues who are helping us with technical arrangements where the conversation or where the discussion can be heard by those who are not member of the committee the NGOs who are also participating in the meeting and we would remind everyone that those as has been the usual practice in this Committee that that listening would be done pursuant to rules which nothing that is heard during those deliberations can be reported by any kind of media, whether it is social media, electronic form print form or verbally in any mechanism. Basically there has to be confidentiality around the discussions so that they are not reported outside of the contents of the meeting. And so those who are listening would be listening on that basis.

We can watch on video and listen to the discussions but reporting on what is said is prohibited. An NGO delegate asked me why the chair has decided to go into informal instead of a plenary. Maybe because the Chair wants the Broadcasting Treaty to make progress more than the Committee members States themselves? We’ll see soon what was achieved.