Dr. Diane Singhroy, Scientific and Technical Advisor


Dr. Diane Singhroy is the Scientific and Technical Advisor at Knowledge Ecology International (KEI).

Prior to joining KEI Diane worked as a graduate student researcher in Dr. Mark Wainberg's laboratory at the McGill AIDS centre studying drug resistant HIV and innate immune interactions. She also taught for a microbiology laboratory sciences and collaborative drug discovery course as a teaching assistance for McGill university.

Diane has worked on access to medicines issues for University Allied for Essential Medicine (UAEM) as a chair of the Trade group and member of the North American coordinating committee (cc). There she advocated on issues ranging from the TPP, the R&D Treaty and academic activism. Currently she is a UAEM cc fellow and completing her final year on UAEM's global governance council.

Before starting her PhD at McGill Diane worked for the Office of Clinical trials at Health Canada as a screening officer.

Diane holds a BSc in Health sciences (concentration in biochemistry and molecular biology) from Carleton University, Ottawa, and a PhD in Immunovirology from McGill University, Montreal.

Email: diane.singhroy[at]keionline.org
Twitter: @NadiaSroy