CPTech Letter to USTR Portman Regarding US Position on WTO Opt-Out of Compulsory Licensing Mechanism

Original page: http://www.cptech.org/ip/birdflu/ustr-birdflu.html 14 October 2005 Honorable Rob Portman United States Trade Representative 600 17th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20508 Dear Ambassador Portman: We are writing to ask that the United States government address a mistake in trade policy that… Continue Reading

CPTech Statement on WTO Deal on Exports of Medicines

Original page: http://www.cptech.org/ip/wto/p6/cptech08302003.html CPTech Statement on WTO Deal on Exports of Medicines August 30, 2003 “Today’s decision on the implementation of paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health puts the WTO into unchartered waters. The WTO… Continue Reading

EC Pascal Lamy Letter in Response to TACD regarding WTO Export Issue

Original: Page 1 – http://www.cptech.org/ip/health/eu/lamy2tacd20mar2002-p1.jpg Page 2 – http://www.cptech.org/ip/health/eu/lamy2tacd20mar2002-p2.jpg Note by James Love on April 1, 2002 via IP-Health email list regarding the letter below (archived link of the note here): This these are scans of Pascal Lamy’s March 20… Continue Reading