Minimum TRIPS Terms of Protection for Copyright and Related Rights

KEI has a page that summarizes the minimum terms of protection for copyright and related rights in multilateral treaties. The most binding constraints are those included in the WTO TRIPS Agreement. Those constraints are as follows:

Most literary and artistic works protected by copyright under the Berne would have a minimum copyright term calculated on the basis of the life of the author plus 50 years.

The Medical Innovation Prize Fund (S.2210, 110th Congress) and the WTO TRIPS Agreement

I have been asked to elaborate on the relationship between the Medical Innovation Prize Fund (S.2210, 110th Congress) and the WTO TRIPS Agreement.

For centuries, innovation inducement prizes have been suggested as a mechanism to stimulate investments in a wide range of topics. (See, for example, Selected Innovation Prizes and Reward Programs, KEI Research Note 2008:1). During most of this period, the patent system has also existed.

WHO guide on compulsory licensing and government use: Forthcoming?

On 23 October 2006, the WHO, as an intergovernmental organization with observer status at the WTO TRIPS Council, presented a seven page report on its technical cooperation activities with respect to “Trade, Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Medicines”.

The full document IP/C/W/478/Add.4 can be found on the WTO document database:

When customs authorities may allow infringing goods to be imported into the United States

The TRIPS, in Part III, Section 4, has a number of obligations on countries for border measures. These measures require some mechanism to prevent imports of infringing products, but they also give WTO Member States considerable flexibility.

eBay and compulsory licensing of copyright under Article 44.2 of the TRIPS

I have written a KEI Research note about Compulsory licensing of copyright under Article 44.2 of the TRIPS, in light of eBay, which is now on the web here.

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