Medicial technologies

Letter to WHO on the Essential Medicines List

March 2, 2007
Secretary of the Expert Committee on the
Selection and Use of Essential Medicines (2007)
Department of Medicines Policy and Standards (PSM)
Health Technology & Pharmaceuticals
World Health Organization
CH-1211 Geneva 27

Via e-mail:

RE: Request for changes in the WHO Model EML


Timeline of proposals on Medical Innovation Prizes, 2000 to 2006

Monday, 08 October 2007 Note,.... this timeline would benefit from some updates.


2001 October 12.  Intellectual Property, innovation and international trade agreements.  Wizards of OS.  Discussion of R&D Treaty.

2001 December 20. Can we create a global trade framework for health care R&D that puts patients first?  Presented at the Fifth International Conference on Home and Community Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS.  Chaing Mai, Thailand.

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