Posted August 27, 2011

These are some tools for searching the US Department of State cables released by Wikileaks.

A Wikileaks page on the cables is available here:

KEI recommends this site for searching the cables by key words:

You might also want to try:

Cabledrum.Net has put together a nice table of cables by year and country:

One interesting search term is KIPR, a tag used in some US government cables about intellectual property rights. Other interesting search terms are WHO, WIPO, WTO, UNCTAD, UNEP and US Mission Geneva.

For our views on the Wikileaks disclosures, see: James Love, In Defense Of WikiLeaks: Looking At Cables On Pharmaceutical Drugs And Trade Pressures, Huffington Post, September 4, 2011.

Below are links to some KEI web pages featuring the Wikileak cables:

Below are links to some KEI web pages featuring the Wikileak cables:

Cables mentioning "Special 301" – Details of US trade pressure on IPR
Cables on Poland Reimbursements for pharmaceutical drugs
2,446 Wikileaks cables mentioning the search term "pharmaceutical"
240 Wikileaks cables on pharmaceutical data exclusivity
ACTA: US courting of Hong Kong government (2007)
Cable details "textbook case of how not to conduct a public vaccination campaign" in Romania by Merck and GSK
Cable: US Government collaboration with drug companies to lobby the Finnish Parliament on drug pricing legislation
Cables on New Zealand and pharmaceutical drugs
Cables that mention open source software – now with excerpts
Diplomats advise drug company executives on best way to lobby Portugal government
Dominican Republic: December 2009 meeting between PhRMA and US Embassy to discuss CAFTA+ demands on patent protection
France gets an A+ from the US for its anti-consumer intellectual property related policies
From Wikileaks, a US government cable on its involvement to shape Guatemala legislation on pharmaceutical IPR
Implementing the Jordan FTA rules on exclusive rights in regulatory test data
Jan 2009, Ranneberger reports on Kenya anti-counterfeit goods legislation
May 18 2009 cable regarding meeting between US Ambassador and pharma execs in Turkey
Microsoft meeting with US Ambassador to Brazil regarding politics of Open Document Format (ODF) proposal to ISO
Misc notes on the new Wikileaks cables
New Zealand measures to prevent parallel trade in medicine from NZ to US
US wary of WIPO initiative to host meeting on avian influenza and intellectual property rights (2005)
USG cable on WTO TRIPS Council meeting of October 25-26 2005, discussion on LDC extension of TRIPS
Vietnam cables: Data exclusivity should be automatic, comprehensive, retroactive and without procedures and formalities
Wikileaks cables on the US opposition to Philippines legislation on affordable medicines
Wikileaks cables shows Obama Administration role in lobbying EU to approve Oracle acquisition of MySQL and other Sun assets
Wikileaks on USTR negotiations with India Commerce Minister Anand Sharma
Wikileaks: US Cable on WIPO SCCR 17 meeting