Luc Devigne’s role in ACTA negotiations

On Saturday, July 17, 2010, I said on twitter, “Apparently Luc Devigne is out as head #acta negotiator for EU.” There were a number of sources for this inside the European Union and also among other trade bodies or governments following or participating in the ACTA negotiations.

This was re-tweeted extensively, and resulted in various commentary and reporting on LucDevigne’s rule in ACTA, including speculation on the reasons for the change.

Today I received a call from John Clancy, the official spokesman for DG-Trade head Karel de Gucht. Clancy was calling about the Saturday message on twitter.

According to Clancy, Luc Devigne will be soon be starting a new senior position in DG-Trade that will including managing broader trade issues than intellectual property, for example, trade issues for a specific country. However, according to Clancy, contrary to what I earlier reported on twitter, Luc Devigne will continue as the chief EC negotiator for ACTA, until the conclusion of the ACTA negotiations.


James Love

James Love is the Director of Knowledge Ecology International. Previously, he was an economist for the Center for Study of Responsive Law where he also directed the Consumer Project on Technology and the Taxpayer Assets Project, Senior Economist for the Frank Russell Corporation, and held lecturer positions at Rutgers and Princeton Universities. His KEI webpage is