SCCR 33: For the European Union the Casters treaty is a high priority

November 14, 2016

>> EUROPEAN UNION: Thank you, Chairman. The treaty on protecting broadcasting organizations is a high priority for the European Union and its Member States. We are strongly committed to advancing work on the various issues identified in previous committee sessions.
We, therefore, look forward to further progress on the basis of the revised consolidated text on definitions, object of protection, and rights to be granted which you prepared for this session.

We have a number of technical and substantive comments on the text, and we are ready for in-depth discussions on the issues set therein.

We note with interest the paper on the draft treaty to protect — to protect broadcasting organizations presented by Delegations of Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico.

With regards to suggestions for working methods contained in the paper, the E.U. does not believe that the pace of convergence can be forced by convening at this stage additional meetings.

We are prepared to continue following an open, constructive, and flexible approach that focuses the discussion at this stage on the main elements of the treaty and on those aspects on which there seems to be more convergence among Delegations.

Our work should result in a meaningful treaty that reflects the technological developments that have occurred in the 21st Century.

In particular, we believe that transmissions of traditional broadcasting organizations over computer networks, such as simultaneous transmissions or on — manned transmissions, warrant international protection from acts of piracy.

As we have stated in past sessions of this committee, we also attach great importance to the adequate catalog of rights which would allow the necessary protection for the broadcasting organizations against acts of piracy, whether they occur simultaneously with the protected transmissions or after these transmissions have taken place. (On-demand transmissions)

More generally, what is needed is a broad consensus. As to the extent of the protection to be granted so that the future treaty can provide broadcasting organizations evolving in an increasingly complex technological world with adequate and effective protection.

We hope that the considerable efforts which have been made during previous sessions can allow us to find a solution on the main elements of the treaty and bring us to a successful outcome. Thank you