SCCR 33 Iran statement on the casters’ treaty

> IRAN: Thank you, Mr. Chair. Since this is the first time I take the floor, I would like to join others in congratulating you for chairing this very important committee. We also thank the Secretariat for preparation of the meeting.

My Delegation, associates itself with the statement delivered by the distinguished Delegation of India on behalf of the ACR and the Pacific Group.

Mr. Chairman, we would like to thank you for productive work in preparing the revised consolidated text on definitions, object of protection and rights to be guaranteed.

We believe that this text would be a good opportunity for the committee to make progress at this stage. My Delegation is of the view that the work on the subject of signal-based protection of broadcasting organizations in the traditional sense, in accordance with the 2007 General Assembly mandate towards developing a legal framework for protecting broadcasting organizations against signal piracy, is of the high importance.

We are of the view that the committee should not restrict society’s free access to knowledge and information in order to balance the treaty for the benefit of right holders, broadcasters, and society at large.

In this context, there should be a balance between the interest of creators, the interests of the public, and the interests of the broadcaster.

Therefore, the committee should avoid guaranteeing a stronger rights of corporate or related rights or additional rights which will create additional cost for the public and affect access to broadcasted content. Thank you, Mr. Chair.