SCCR 34 May 2, 2017 Short update

Just like since yesterday afternoon, the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights has convened in informal. Some members of delegations and NGOs are staying in the main room and are listening to the discussions but cannot participate nor report on anything that is being said.

It is frustrating of course but it looks as if it will be the “new process of negotiation” for the time being. As one person said to me “secret negotiations regarding broadcasting, cablecasting and webcasting at WIPO? what could go wrong?”

According to the agenda, at the end of the day we will end the secret negotiations on the broadcasting, cablecasting and webcasting treaty proposal and tomorrow –probably or hopefully in plenary again– we should start talking about limitations and exceptions.

While we are not allowed to say anything about the content of the discussions today, we can certainly say the lack of transparency in the process is not consistent with the responsibilities of a United Nations agency.

Manon Ress