WIPO General Assembly 2017: Statement of Brazil on the WIPO Development Agenda

On Wednesday, 4 October 2017, Brazil delivered this perspicacious statement on the WIPO Development Agenda.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman,

As everyone knows, the CDIP follows in the footsteps of the Development Agenda. In this regard, Brazil believes the implementation of the 45 recommendations is essential for this organization to be fully representative. Underlying the DA is the principle that a fair remuneration for the creations of human spirit goes together with the imperative of ensuring the right to health, culture, knowledge, information and education.
After years of discussion, the last session of the CDIP, under the able guidance of Chair Walid Doudech, was able to agree on the creation of a permanent agenda item entitled IP and development. This will facilitate the implementation of the third pillar of the CDIP, giving greater transparency to the discussions and allowing Member States to increase their accountability and monitoring of Secretariat initiatives. It also reinforces the need or WIPO to take action regarding its role in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Brazil is of the view that WIPO, as a specialized agency of the United Nations, should have a substantive contribution to the implementation of the SDGs. The mandate of the CDIP naturally brings the topic of the SDGs under its scope, but without prejudice to discussions on the matter in the other WIPO committees. It is also our view that the implementation of the SDGs should be reflected in the Program and Budget of WIPO.

The first report on WIPO’s contribution to the implementation of the SDGs was circulated in the last session of the CDIP. It is a first step in the right direction of bringing the SDGs to the center of the discussions in WIPO. More details are now required, for instance, on the nature of the Secretariat’s contribution to United Nations inter-agency work. Member States also need to know more about what assistance WIPO could provide in this regard, to enable them to formulate proper requests.

We are of the opinion that WIPO should not restrict its role to SDG number 9. Frankly, Mr. Chairman, WIPO is too important for that, intellectual property is too vast a subject for that. The importance of innovation is undisputed; indeed, my own country is making important efforts to foster innovation as a key to overcoming the economic crisis. but so is the importance of the remaining SDGs, all of them objectives to which WIPO can and must provide relevant inputs. As we have stated before, the integrated approach is the linchpin of the 2030 Agenda and should lead to a cross-cutting understanding of the significant interlinkages across the 17 SDGs and associated targets. WIPO must play an active role to support their implementation. Brazil expects that CDIP can spur the appropriate and comprehensive treatment the topic deserves in WIPO.

Finally, Mr. Chairman, allow me to reiterate what we have been saying in different committees: Brazil is convinced these activities, while focusing on certain countries, would come to the benefit of all the Membership. And it is in this spirit of inclusiveness and dialogue that we invite all Member States to engage in these discussions and make sure WIPO plays the role it should play in this important multilateral effort.