NIH Declines Request for the Budget for Clinical Trials Involving CAR T technology to be licensed to Kite/Gilead

On February 14, the NIH was asked what the budget was for the Phase 1 clinical trial of the anti-CD30 CAR T technology that is the subject of a proposed exclusive patent license to Kite/Gilead.

The identifier for the technology is NCT03049449, and the NIH contact listed is Brenna Hansen. KEI reached Ms. Hansen at the number provided and asked for information pertaining to the budget of the clinical trials, and she declined to provide such information and did not offer any explanation.

KEI is investigating the costs of R&D for new CAR T technologies, including the costs of clinical trials.

For more on the challenges of obtaining basic information from the NIH, see, for example, this 2016 letter from KEI’s Claire Cassedy to The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. See aslo KEI’s page on NIH licenses for many other examples from 2015 onward.