WHO publishes May 22 version of transparency resolution with 110 brackets. We compare to original proposal.

The WHO has published A72/A/CONF./2, for Agenda item 11.7.

The date of the document is 23 May 2019, but it is the end of day negotiating text from Wed, May 22.

The title is: Improving the transparency of markets for medicines, vaccines, and other health-related products and other technologies to be discussed at the Seventh-second session of the World Health Assembly to be held on 20–28 May 2019 Draft resolution proposed by Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey.

The WHO failed to publish the original version, so now what people have is an already outdated negotiation text with 110 brackets, including country positions, but no clean version of the original proposal. The WHO should have published the Monday proposal, and then provide daily updates of the negotiating texts, with country positions.

Japan is asking that WHO not publish the country positions, because Japan is embarrassed to advocate such terrible positions.

KEI and others have created a table that compares the Monday and Wed version of the text, with commentary on each paragraph. It is available for viewing by anyone here.