Europe, compulsory licensing


For an earlier survey, see: 2014:1 KEI Research Note: Recent European Union Compulsory Licenses. 2014-03-01

DG-Enterprise – data exclusivity prevents access to life saving drugs (in the EU), even in an emergency situation, 2012-07-31


German Court Issues Compulsory License on HIV Drug Patent, 2016-09-08
German Federal Supreme Court Affirms Compulsory License on HIV Drug, 2017-07-13
WTO TRIPS Council (October 2017): Brazil documents the compulsory licensing of raltegravir in Germany, 2017-10-21
WTO TRIPS Council (October 2017): India asks EU, Malaysia to share details of their respective compulsory licenses, 2017-10-24


WTO TRIPS Council: Ecuador questions the European Union on Italian compulsory licenses, 2011-10-31


Amsterdam Statement to WTO Member States on Access to Medicine, 1999-11-26


KEI Europe request to Gilead for patents used for treatment for the Hepatitis C Virus, 2014-07-29
Gilead Sciences letter of response to KEI Europe’s request, 2014-08-26
KEI Europe request to Bristol-Myers Squibb for patents used for treatment for the Hepatitis C Virus, 2014-07-29
Bristol-Myers Squibb letter of response to KEI Europe’s request, 2017-09-16

Request for non­exclusive compulsory licences on patents to expand access to medicines for hepatitis C
Proposed Order for the Granting of a Compulsory Licence on the Use of Patents for the Treatment of HCV


Switzerland pressures Colombia to deny compulsory license on imatinib, 2015-08-17


Press Release: Coalition for Affordable T-DM1 Asks UK Government to grant compulsory licenses on Roche breast cancer drug, 2015-10-01
Video: Coalition for Affordable T-DM1 Crown Use Request (in UK, for patents on cancer drug Kadcyla), 2015-10-10

KEI statement on GSK’s announcement of policies to expand access to patented medicines, 2016-03-31

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Roche/German CL on HCV/HIV patents
German CL on Fabrazyme patents
Italy competition cases
France, Belgium cases in BRAC diagnostics
Various SEP cases